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Upcoming Webinar: Integrating Service Automation & Energy Management

by Juliette Dickens   Jan 12, 2018

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More and more, facilities management systems are driving organization-wide benefits by touching more functions and integrating with other enterprise software.  For many businesses, ensuring proper operating conditions, at all times, across a wide array of distributed locations is essential to their performance.

Leveraging increasingly connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a primary method that’s being used to share information across assets and locations to those that need to monitor and service them, and thus ensure proper operation and customer experiences.

IoT Powers Facilities Management Software

Service automation and energy/asset managementOne use case is making sure that asset malfunctions are instantly recognized and serviced immediately.  Specifically, companies want to make sure that equipment doesn’t fail and conditions deteriorate until someone notices, and then has to manually address the issue. When integrated with IoT, facilities management software helps prevent this.

Facilities management software now uses the IoT to directly connect with other software systems to get notifications upon asset failure detection, and then automatically dispatch service requests to the appropriate contractors for prompt resolution.

One of our retail clients, Sit ‘n Sleep, (which has grown to become one of the largest mattress retailers in the United States) has realized significant benefits from integrating its SiteSage energy and asset management platform with its Service Automation facilities software.

Webinar: Integrating Service Automation & Energy Management System

In Practice: Energy & Asset Management Integrated with FM Software

To learn how it did this and the benefits from having service automation and an energy management systems work together, we invite you to join us on January 23, 2018 at 2 PM EST for a live webinar.  Sit ‘n Sleep and system integration experts from Powerhouse Dynamics and ServiceChannel will discuss how you can use technology to your advantage to efficiently run your energy, asset and maintenance management program.

During this engaging, online presentation, attendees will learn how to drive performance, cut costs and improve customer experience by linking energy & asset management with service automation. In addition, we’ll cover:

  • What’s involved in the integration of the two systems and how easy it is to roll out
  • How to incorporate the technologies for day-to-day processes
  • Best uses cases that leverage IoT technologies to manage your assets and facilities

Register here for the live webinar on January 23 at 2:00 PM EST.  We look forward to seeing you!

Integrating Service Automation & Energy Management Systems webinar

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