“Department of One” Named 2018 Facility Executive of the Year

Customers, Facilities Management

by David Markowitz  Mar 07, 2018

We’re always excited to learn of the accomplishments, internal wins, and successes that our customers achieve.  Our customer success and account teams, who work closely with them, see first hand the benefits that many facilities management professionals bring to their organizations.

We enjoy sharing the best practices that they follow with their peers, and more broadly, through a number of FM case studies highlighting the results they’ve realized.  However, it’s particularly rewarding when a ServiceChannel client is recognized indepedently across the industry.

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3 Work Order Management Best Practices for Storage Facilities


by Nelson Anderson  Mar 06, 2018

The storage industry – specifically the self-storage segment – is focused on reducing facilities management spend. The large assets storage facilities rely on — pavement, roofs, HVAC units, garage doors, and more— are all expensive to maintain and service, especially because most storage locations are have many units that require upkeep.

In order to limit the expense of facility upkeep, one area to focus on is work order management. This includes overseeing the entire work order life cycle, from order creation to contractor dispatch to invoice approval and payment. Let’s take a look at work order management challenges and best practices in the storage industry.

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Grocery Industry Lessons Learned at NGA | ServiceChannel


by Juliette Dickens  Mar 02, 2018

Given the food retail industry’s ever-changing environment and evolving advancements in innovation, it’s imperative to learn how to get better pricing, add more product variety and improve the shopper experience.  Customers now expect more and are pushing retailers to innovate.  As in most sectors, they’re demanding a higher quality of service and specifically as it relates to their health and wellness, they want more healthy food options.

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How to Improve Contractor Relationships with Service Automation

Contractor Management

by Greg Rakovsky  Feb 21, 2018

Facilities management is built on relationships— facilities managers and service providers must work together to create and maintain the best possible business locations. However, even though contractor relationships are extremely important for keeping facilities in optimal shape, they are often forgotten due to shifting priorities and busy schedules.

Creating and maintaining strong contractor relationships must be a priority if businesses want to optimize their facilities management processes. Technology can help; enter service automation.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Facilities Management Software for Gym Facilities

facilities management software, Gym-Fitness

by Kevin Ferguson  Feb 14, 2018

The health and fitness industry is growing at a rapid pace – more than 66 million Americans used a health club in 2016, a record-high. With over 36,500 health club facilities in the United States for customers to choose from, gyms need to do all they can to stand out and attract new business.

Effective facilities management ensures fitness locations are clean and in peak condition, thus attractive to potential customers. Many FM teams have chosen to implement facilities management software to keep up with the enormous pressure industry popularity is putting on fitness facilities.

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ServiceChannel Roundup: Executive Team Additions, Customer Events and Facilities Management News

Company, Events, ServiceChannel

by Melissa Lane  Feb 12, 2018

With the beginning of 2018, we have started the year off strong! We have gained some new skilled executives, held an awesome event for our subscribers, and shared some important information for the facilities management (FM) industry. Here’s a recap...just in case you missed anything:

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Ferguson Enterprises Sees Big Results with Service Automation

Customers, Case Studies, Wholesale, Distribution

by Brad Thompson  Feb 07, 2018

Another natural byproduct of the calendar turning a new year is that people and even businesses set new goals. New Year’s resolutions are nothing more than aspirational goals that, unfortunately, usually vanish as nothing more than wishful thinking. Experts at goal-setting and goal-achieving will tell you that good goals have to be realistic, specific, time-bound and measurable.

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How Facilities Management Software Can Help Tackle Winter’s FM Challenges

facilities management software

by Doug Ingraham  Feb 06, 2018

Powdery snow, the holiday season, ice skating, sledding, hot cocoa — there are a lot of things to love about winter. But for facilities managers, winter also comes with some definite downsides; cold temperatures and inclement weather can wreak havoc on facilities, stalling brand uptime and driving up costs. To minimize winter’s negative effects, FMs can turn to facilities management software.

Facilities management software is able to help FMs execute the steps necessary to keep their locations running optimally during the tough winter months. Let’s take a look at how:

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[WEBINAR] Driving Asset Management Efficiency at Sit ‘n Sleep

Customers, Events

by Juliette Dickens  Feb 01, 2018

Ever wonder how you could drive performance while cutting costs and improving customer experience? This month we joined forces with Powerhouse Dynamics and one of the most respected mattress retailers, Sit ‘n Sleep to discuss the benefits of integrating service automation and energy management systems to drive asset management efficiency.

In case you missed this webinar - we’ve got you covered with the top highlights from discussions between facilities management veteran, Patty Cruz from Sit ‘n Sleep and subject matter experts, David Tillman from ServiceChannel and Jay Fiske from Powerhouse Dynamics.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Facilities Management Software for Retail Healthcare

Retail Healthcare

by Kevin Ferguson  Jan 30, 2018

Consumers demand speed and accessibility from all the businesses they interact with, and the healthcare industry is no exception. The industry has started shifting to meet those needs, with one example being the increasing prevalence of retail healthcare facilities.

Retail healthcare facilities, which range from urgent care walk-in clinics to ambulatory surgery centers, are quicker than traditional hospitals, less expensive for consumers, and have high levels of provider availability. While consumers want these new healthcare options, they do not want to give up the quality of care and service they receive in hospital settings.

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Facilities Management Professionals Dig Into Analytics and the Future of Asset Management


by Juliette Dickens  Jan 26, 2018

ServiceChannel kicked off 2018 with a LEARN&LEAD educational event held at our New York City headquarters. The LEARN&LEAD series educates facilities management professionals on the latest trends, new product innovations, best practices and importantly, how to gain more visibility and transparency into their facilities management program through service automation.

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5 “Must Have” Work Order Management Software Features

work order management system

by Doug Ingraham  Jan 23, 2018

As any facilities manager knows, scheduling, monitoring, invoicing, and filing work orders is one of the primary job responsibilities. Unfortunately, this process can be unnecessarily time-consuming, stressful, and costly. To improve the management of the service request process, facilities managers should utilize work order management software.

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CorePower Yoga Resolves to Tame Growing Pains with Service Automation (and Achieves FM Peace)

Customers, Case Studies, Gym-Fitness

by Jordan Lewis  Jan 18, 2018

With the turn of the year come new resolutions for many Americans, which usually involves some pledge to reduce caloric intake and increase cardio rates. These days, that exercise regimen is likely to involve some form of yoga, an ancient discipline that is growing leaps and bounds in the United States. That growth is illustrated by data cited by Forbes, showing that more than 37 million Americans practice yoga today, 20 million more compared to just three or four years ago.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Facilities Management Software for Convenience Stores

Convenience Store, Facilities Management

by Siddarth Shetty  Jan 16, 2018

Convenience stores are incredibly plentiful – the United States is home to 150,000 convenience store (“C-Store”) locations, meaning there is one for every 2,100 people. To stand out from their competition, facilities managers in the C-Store industry need to provide excellent customer experiences, keep up with evolving industry demands, and focus on safety and sustainability.

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Upcoming Webinar: Integrating Service Automation & Energy Management

Events, webinar, Partners

by Juliette Dickens  Jan 12, 2018

More and more, facilities management systems are driving organization-wide benefits by touching more functions and integrating with other enterprise software.  For many businesses, ensuring proper operating conditions, at all times, across a wide array of distributed locations is essential to their performance.

Leveraging increasingly connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a primary method that’s being used to share information across assets and locations to those that need to monitor and service them, and thus ensure proper operation and customer experiences.

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Lessons Learned from the FM Trenches

Facilities Management

by Darryl Miedico  Jan 10, 2018

Moving into the new year, it is important to reflect on what we did well and where we can improve.  I’m one of the sales managers here at ServiceChannel, and I took the holidays to take stock in what was, generally speaking, a terrific 2017.  My team and I were fortunate to be able to grow, and help a lot of customers and prospects along the way.  This is just a short summary of where we did just that, and where I suspect we can do better in the coming year.

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Integrating Asset & Energy Management with Service Automation

IoT, Partners

by Jay Fiske, Powerhouse Dynamics  Jan 03, 2018

ServiceChannel works with a range of partners in adjacent solution categories, bringing best-of-breed capabilities to the facilities management ecosystem. This is the next in a series of guest posts from our partners highlighting how these new technologies are driving innovation and real value across the enterprise.

Ordinarily, the process of discovering a problem in a key piece of equipment, alerting the appropriate people, creating a work order to fix the problem, and confirming the repair was effective can be prolonged, disruptive, and expensive.

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Have To Outsource Your Facilities Management?  Here’s How To Do It

Facilities Management, Outsourcing

by Tom Buiocchi  Jan 02, 2018

Don’t Outsource.  But if you must, don’t compromise.  It doesn’t have to be sorcery any more!

Hello again.  We have been fairly pointed in our views on how much repair & maintenance savings and efficiencies are available across the facilities sector (and how our initial $20 billion(!) estimate wasn’t even high enough), then, why you shouldn’t have to trade off cost for quality within your FM program, and most recently, why outsourcing your facilities maintenance program is a bad idea.

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ServiceChannel Roundup: Latest in Events, Partnerships and Facilities Management in the News

by Melissa Lane  Dec 21, 2017

With the year coming to an end, we thought it was a great time to reflect on the past few exciting months. We've been traveling a lot this quarter - from Chicago to Houston to Milan - we’ve made the rounds!

We gained a new partner with GridPoint joining our solution partner ecosystem. And we saw that maturing technology, like article intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) gained momentum in the press, along with the positive impact facilities management has on customer experience.

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Why Punt to an Outsourcer?


by Tom Buiocchi  Dec 20, 2017

Things to think about before you hand the FM ball over...

If you’ve been following along in our prior posts (on the huge amount of waste & inefficiencies in the facilities marketplace, here; and and our recalculation - it’s even more than we thought - of that amount) we have been talking about how modern, technology-forward service automation solutions can replace legacy methods for facilities maintenance to drive lower costs AND higher quality.

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