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What's the Value of the InSite Report?

by Siddarth Shetty   Aug 13, 2012

Metrics, Business Intelligence

By Siddarth Shetty

ServiceChannel's major initiative to provide business intelligence reporting to all of its clients has resulted in the development of high level reports. One of them is the InSite Report. The whole idea behind InSite is to allow you to access your data in a way that makes sense so you can look at that information almost everyday and be prompted to take specific actions that day or week.

We all look at reports. "But how often do we really look at them?" "How often do we put our reports in a format that is telling us more than we need to know?" The goal behind the InSite Report is to take information we need to look at on a daily basis and summarize it visually - with graphs and charts. A picture is worth a thousand words. In this way, in those first 30 seconds you look at a report, it actually screams out at you - giving you valuable insight you can take actions on.

When you look at our reports, they're telling you a lot of information very quickly. For example, we can show you:

  • Spend/work order distribution
  • Pie charts and trending between your regions
  • Spending by status, category, trade, and priority.

This is really rich data. You don't have to manipulate it. It is presented to you in a very meaningful visual format.

Look at your own department!
When we talk about business intelligence reporting, it is often assumed that reports pertain to service partner performance & work order management. But what about your own performance as a department?

It is important to see how you are running as a department, along with all the services that are being catered to at the field level. This allows you to make changes within the department so that you can supply all your efforts and all the actions you are taking at the store level.

For example, in the "Performance" tab of the InSite Report, you can see your aging metric, which shows your "Open" and "In Progress" work orders and also historical data (completed work orders). "Are they aging in your system a long time before proposals are approved?" "Are your open invoices aging?"

If you have insight into such metrics, it can go a long way towards how you receive service. If you were to pay your contractors faster, would they provide you better service? How would that impact your other processes?

What has been your experience with reports? Please share your public comments below or e-mail me privately.

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