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The 3 B's & 3 I's for Better Management

by Siddarth Shetty   Oct 25, 2012

Business Intelligence

by Sid Shetty, President, inGEAR - a division of ServiceChannel

InGEAR is ServiceChannel's new business intelligence analytics consulting division. The name stands for Intelligence for Greater Efficiency And Results and the service is designed to solve complex problems faced by facilities management departments, sourcing, and procurement teams. We believe we can by using the 3 B's and 3 I's:

  • Benchmarks and Intelligence
  • Business process and Insight
  • Best practices and Interpretation

The goal of this engagement is to go through data discovery, set goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), work on process improvements, and performance reporting. It's not all about looking at reports to take action. We also want to help clients report on their performance and be able to show their superiors and their company how well their department is doing.

Value proposition

InGEAR will work with clients to review all existing data and set department goals. At that point it's not perfect, but it's a starting point. Using that data we can develop KPIs. We'll then bring in our proprietary expertise - which leverages over a decade of benchmark data - to supply industry comparisons. Using this information, we can work to develop visually intuitive scorecards and actionable reports.

Next, we'll work to develop insight, help companies analyze their historical data and, through data discovery, identify hidden trends and indicators. Once we figure this out, we work with clients to review current business processes and identify opportunities to improve performance and help understand and identify the relationships between process and data.

The last piece is interpretation - the final outcome of the engagement. We want to assist our clients to make meaningful decisions using their data and the information presented to them. We'll introduce best practices and work with clients to use the performance insights to improve internal processes, standardize practices, and develop strategic decision making processes.

Once the 3 B's & 3 I's are second nature, the departments are empowered and can more easily take action the data that' presented to them. They can use these reports to not only improve their performance but also to succinctly report their performance metrics to senior management and colleagues.

While the 3 B's and the 3 I's are relevant to all operations - how are they impacting your department today? Do you even have all of the 3 B's & 3 I's at your fingertips? I look forward to reading your comments, or e-mail me privately.

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