Is Your Facilities Program in Compliance?  Or at Risk?

Contractor Compliance, Contractor Management, Risk Management

by David Markowitz  Apr 13, 2016

A contractor comes on site to perform some needed preventive maintenance.  There’s an accident involving one of your customers.  Luckily, your contractor’s fully insured because you checked this when you established this vendor relationship a few years ago.  Their insurance and other credentials are still in effect, at the right levels, right?  Are you sure? Would you bet your job?

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How Two Days Away from the Office Made Me a Better Facilities Manager

Customers, Brand Uptime, Company, Risk Management, Events

by David Markowitz  Oct 16, 2014

If you’re a facilities manager, no one needs to tell you that you’re overworked, as you’re jumping from fire to fire, and likely getting pulled in hundreds of different directions most of the time. That’s the job. But what about moving your business forward? In these belt-tightening times, everyone always needs to be adding value, helping the overall business, beyond simply getting one’s day-to-day responsibilities done.

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