Facilities Management Customer-focused Teams, Events & Success: Rhodes Report [Mar Edition]

Rhodes Report, Company, Events, Best Practices

by Kristen Rhodes  Mar 17, 2015

It's been a busy month with some new announcements and exciting customer events so let's jump right in.

Customer Focused Teams

Last month we announced a number of new improvements and products.  This month, I'm announcing the formation of my new team designed specifically to bring our clients to the next level. 

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Simplified Product Names & Good Reads: Rhodes Report [Feb Edition]

Rhodes Report, Business Intelligence, Product

by Kristen Rhodes  Feb 18, 2015

As you may already know, our development team’s been hard at work on improving the ServiceChannel platform, with usability being one major area of focus.  In particular, we have updated and simplified the user interface (UI), making it easier to navigate.  We’ve incorporated a lot of your feedback already and plan to continue doing so while building out further enhancements.

In addition, in an effort to better tie our terminology to our product capabilities and value, there  have been a few name changes to some of our products and modules (in conjunction with the user interface update).

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New Facilities Management Products, Collaborating w/Procurement: Rhodes Report [Jan Edition]

Rhodes Report, Facilities Management, Company, Supplier Management, Procurement

by Kristen Rhodes  Jan 28, 2015

Welcome to the first 2015 edition of the  Rhodes Report ! Our team has been hard at work on more ways to help you add value both within the facilities group as well as across your entire organization, and we're excited to share  them with you.
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Supply Chain Visibility, Mobile Site Audits: Rhodes Report [Nov/Dec Edition]

Rhodes Report, Supplier Management, Mobile

by Kristen Rhodes  Dec 15, 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of the Rhodes Report!  In previous issues, I've written about some innovative ways that you can do your job better with ServiceChannel, like the Contractor Scorecard and Savings Report.  I've also highlighted how ServiceChannel can reduce a number of risk factors facing your organization, particularly given all the data security breaches in the news.

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Rhodes Report - October Edition

Contractor Compliance, Rhodes Report, Technology

by Kristen Rhodes  Oct 08, 2014

I'm sure the data security breaches that occurred at some of the nation's largest retailers over the past few months have had most companies reviewing their IT connections with customers, vendors, contractors and suppliers - and rightly so. The good news is that, as a ServiceChannel customer, you can rest assured that you have already taken steps to enhance the security of your company's information and have protected your company's data from being accessed by unauthorized external accounts.

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Rhodes Report - September Edition

Metrics, Rhodes Report, Business Intelligence, Contractor Management

by Kristen Rhodes  Sep 15, 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of the Rhodes Report! My goal, as always, is to help you maximize the value of ServiceChannel within your organization through new features, best practices and innovative ideas. Our bottom line is to help you - and help your bottom line!

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Rhodes Report - July Edition

Metrics, ROI, Rhodes Report, Business Intelligence, Contractor Management

by Kristen Rhodes  Jul 31, 2014

Welcome to my first Rhodes Report! As I mentioned, my goal is to make sure you are getting the most out of the ServiceChannel platform along with our team's industry knowledge to succeed in your role. Part of this is to share innovative approaches, new features and best practices I think you can benefit from as well as share with your management.

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