A Guide to Choosing the Right Facilities Management Software for Retail Healthcare

Retail Healthcare

by Kevin Ferguson  Jan 30, 2018

Consumers demand speed and accessibility from all the businesses they interact with, and the healthcare industry is no exception. The industry has started shifting to meet those needs, with one example being the increasing prevalence of retail healthcare facilities.

Retail healthcare facilities, which range from urgent care walk-in clinics to ambulatory surgery centers, are quicker than traditional hospitals, less expensive for consumers, and have high levels of provider availability. While consumers want these new healthcare options, they do not want to give up the quality of care and service they receive in hospital settings.

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How Urgent Care & Retail Healthcare Centers Drive Success with Service Automation

Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by David Markowitz  Jul 12, 2016

Healthcare delivery is changing and becoming increasingly distributed and diverse. With more locations to maintain, facilities management has become an essential function for any retail healthcare, urgent care, ambulatory care, dental, physical therapy or other provider of medical services.

How your locations are maintained has a direct impact on the perception of the quality of care you deliver.  When maintaining numerous centers and facilities, it's essential to know what's occurring in them, what problems exist and how they're being remedied, the costs involved, who's performing work on-site and the potential risks you're facing.

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How [and Why] Smart Healthcare Operators Ensure Properly Maintained Healthcare Environments

Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Dec 14, 2015

In our prior post, we explored why, if you’re responsible for any type of healthcare operation, be it an urgent care, ambulatory care or any other type of retail healthcare facility, your physical environment should be a high priority and certainly not be a secondary consideration.

With increasing competition for patients and even employees, how you maintain the physical aspects of your operation - and the perception it has on your quality of care - is essential to your business.  Add regulatory and accreditation requirements into the mix, and it’s easy to see why proper maintenance and timely repairs need to be a key aspect of your operations.

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Healthcare’s Physical Environment Shouldn’t be Your Last Consideration

Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Dec 07, 2015

Live...From Your Urgent Care Center?

Chevy Chase, an original cast member on Saturday Night Live, became known for the ‘pratfall’ immediately preceding his introduction of “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”  It was the fall of the week and those of us who were around back then all watched for it.

He took Gerald Ford’s famous fall while exiting Air Force One to a whole new level and almost single handedly branded the President as a clumsy leader with his relentless impersonations of the President tripping and falling. But while Chevy had mastered the pratfall, a healthcare center’s employees and physicians, or worse - its patients and guests - aren’t typically as fortunate if they ‘Chevy Chase’ in the office.

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Need to Manage Urgent Care Centers? ServiceChannel Has You Covered at UCAOA’s Urgent Care Fall Conference

Events, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by ServiceChannel  Sep 22, 2015

Ever wondered what it took to manage an Urgent Care center? Are you responsible for maintaining Urgent Care and related retail healthcare facilities? Then this is the week for you!

We'll be at the UCAOA Urgent Care Fall Conference in New Orleans on Thursday, September 24 - Saturday, September 26, 2015 and exhibiting in Booth #105.

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If Disney Ran Your Urgent Care Center

Facilities Management, Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Aug 05, 2015

The day Disneyland opened, Walt Disney declared, “At Disneyland, the visitors are our guests.”  Walt was an incredible visionary and innovator whose legacy continues today.  The culture he created combined with Walt’s unwavering commitment to excellence prompted Fred Lee to author the bestseller, If Disney Ran Your Hospital.  

Disney’s recognition of the ‘guest experience’ and his assiduous oversight of every detail related to that experience suffered after his departure - until Disney’s leadership returned to his core values.  “What Would Walt Do?” became the mantra again.  He had always defined visitors as “guests” and employees in the park as its “cast members.”  The result?  In May 2015, Forbes named Disney #11 on the list of The World’s Most Valuable Brands.

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Today’s Urgent Care Patients Have Choice - Will They Choose You?

Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Jun 29, 2015

Urgent care center operators who ask their patients, “How did you hear about us?” will likely find the top two responses to be:

  • This center was recommended to me by a friend or family member or,

  • I have seen the signage when I drive by

Operators who do not prioritize their physical environment, including furniture, fixtures and medical/non-medical equipment, will simply not experience referrals from prior patients.  More importantly, that center’s prior patients will be enticed away by those urgent care centers who do make the environment a priority.  The center therefore loses an existing patient as well as the growth opportunities it would garner from a previously loyal patient’s referrals of friends and family.

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What Your Urgent Care Center Says About the Care You Provide

Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Jun 18, 2015

The success of an urgent care center today is typically driven by two fundamental metrics:net revenue per visit (fees charged) and total visits (volume).  If both those metrics are healthy, the center is likely a high performer.  Yet these primary success drivers are being challenged via new on demand medicine competitors and payer cost reduction initiatives.  

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What Urgent Care Operators Need to Know to Stay in Business

Brand Uptime, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Paul Wolf  May 13, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of attending of both the UCAOA and Pediatric Urgent Care Conferences.  It was an educational experience seeing how medical assistance is offered, changing dramatically right before my eyes.

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Service Automation for Facilities Management Becoming Increasingly Strategic for Urgent Care Providers

Metrics, Customers, Press Releases, Events, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by ServiceChannel News  Apr 28, 2015

Deploying ServiceChannel for Retail Healthcare Creates Compelling Cost Savings, Competitive Differentiation and Better Patient Experience

CHICAGO, April 28, 2015 – ServiceChannel, the leading service automation platform for facilities managers and external contractors, today unveiled the results of a research project of the urgent care market that reveals how providers can better manage their growth, create competitive advantages and deliver enhanced experience for patients through a proactive, automated approach of their centers and clinics.

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3 Operational Challenges Facing Retail Healthcare & Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Steve Keltz  Apr 20, 2015

Today, operators of all types of retail healthcare locations like storefront urgent care centers and clinics face major challenges.  While they're seeing continued growth and public (patient) acceptance, there are a number of operational challenges any owner must address to ensure success.  Here are three of the most common operational challenges they face:  

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4 Sessions Not to Miss at the UCAOA National Urgent Care Convention

Events, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Yerum Chun  Mar 24, 2015

Are you responsible for maintaining Urgent Care and related healthcare facilities?  We do that for companies just like you.

We'll be at the UCAOA National Urgent Care Convention in Chicago on Monday, April 27 - Thursday, April 30, 2015 and exhibiting in Booth #310.  If you're in charge of  repair & maintenance of urgent care centers, we'd be pleased to discuss our urgent care facilities management software and how we're saving over 200 brands up to 18% on their R&M spend.  Let us know if you'd like to arrange a time to meet or just stop by for a quick demo!

Whether you are attending or exhibiting at this event, there's a lot to learn.  Here's a list of some sessions we found particularly interesting that you may want to check out!  See you there.

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