A Holiday Checklist for Retail Facilities Managers

Retail, Retail Facilities Management

by Melissa Lane  Dec 05, 2017

For retail businesses, the holiday season – October through December – is a critical time of year. According to an annual survey, holiday retail sales are projected to be between $678.8 billion and $682 billion in 2017, up 4% year-over-year. With rising employment numbers and incomes across the U.S., the retail industry is poised to finish the year with strong revenue numbers.

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Top 4 Ways Service Automation Benefits Retail

Retail, Retail Facilities Management

by Siddarth Shetty  Nov 27, 2017

The retail industry is absolutely enormous; in the United States alone, there are 3.8 million retail establishments, supporting 42 million jobs and $2.6 trillion in total GDP impact. In fact, retail employs more Americans than any other industry. Operating a successful retail business in such an expansive and competitive industry requires excellent organization and management with the help of intuitive technology.

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How Retail Can Benefit from Contractor Management Software

Contractor Management, Retail, Contractor, contractor management software, Retail Facilities Management

by Kristin Hambelton  Jul 19, 2017

Retail organizations face a number of challenges when it comes to managing the contractors that support their stores, especially those in the maintenance and repair trades. ServiceChannel Custom Analytics show that waste and recycling have the top number of work orders (11 percent), followed by HVAC (8 percent), janitorial (7 percent), plumbing (6 percent), and alarms and safety (6 percent).

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What Do The Fastest Growing Retailers Have in Common? (Hint: Facilities Management Software)

Brand Uptime, Retail, Software

by David Markowitz  Oct 05, 2016

For all the talk about how e-tailing is taking over the retail world and the imminent demise of shopping in physical stores, there’s increasingly countering viewpoints of how many retail brands are growing, and even how formerly online only ‘stores’ are moving away from only having a presence in the virtual world.

One interesting post we came across was one detailing “retail companies that are expanding,” i.e., those that are actually opening new stores.  The list comprises all sorts of brands, from convenience stores to speciality retailers to food purveyors and more.  

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Work Validation in Retail Facilities Management

Retail, Events

by David Markowitz  Jun 14, 2016

How do you know if the work that's performed at your locations, facilities, restaurants, stores, etc. actually was performed?  It's not enough to simply rely on invoices (or worse, memory). Once an invoice is received, it can be difficult to verify exactly what occurred. There is increasing demand from retailers, finance staff and facilities managers to have their contractors and vendors provide supporting evidence of time spent on-site and that work was completed to satisfaction.

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5 Things I Learned at PRSM 2016

Retail, Company, Events

by Jordan Moskowitz  May 02, 2016

Having landed back in New York, I can finally exhale and say “another PRSM National Conference in the books.” This year’s Annual Conference took place at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA in beautiful California weather.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Expect the Unexpected” which was reflected in education sessions revolving around new technologies in the ever-changing world of facilities. While facilities management itself may be changing, PRSM remains a little more consistent. Here are the 5 things I learned this year at PRSM.

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Top Five Facilities Management Events Not to Be Missed in 2016

Restaurant, Retail, Convenience Store, Facilities Management, Company, Events

by Yerum Chun  Feb 22, 2016

However you're involved in the facilities management industry - whether you're responsible for maintaining facilities for a particular organization such as a retail brand, chain of restaurant or convenience stores, or interested in more broad based FM applications and products, there are a number of events this year to fill your calendar.

Here are five facilities management events, shows, and conferences in the first half of 2016 that we like for their educational and networking opportunities.

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Is Your Brand Ready for Black Friday?

Brand Uptime, Retail, Facilities Management

by David Markowitz  Nov 23, 2015

I'm sure you're getting your stores or other locations ready for Black Friday and the upcoming holiday season. Regardless of your industry, did you know that how you maintain your facilities has direct impact on the perception of your brand, and hence your company's performance?

Particularly at this time of year, it's critical to use facilities' uptime to maintain Brand Uptime.  What's that?

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European, Canadian Retailers Focus on Facilities Management Technology

Customers, Retail, Company, Events

by Peter Gush  Sep 29, 2015

This month, ServiceChannel will be hosting a UK User Group event for our European customers in the retail sector in London, as well as exhibiting at Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) Canada where we will meet with our local Canadian customers.

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ServiceChannel Turns up the Facilities Management Heat in Arizona

Customers, Retail, Company, Events, Mobile

by ServiceChannel News  Sep 17, 2015

Last week, ServiceChannel hosted our Fall User Group Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona in conjunction with the PRSM Mid-Year Conference (the retail industry’s largest exhibition and educational event for facilities management). The User Group theme was “Next Generation” – driving innovation in retail facility management by delivering flexible, configurable solutions that address the needs of every segment of retail.

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FM Technology Continues to Boost Global Corporations’ US Expansion

Retail, Facilities Management, Company

by Lisa Del Percio  Aug 21, 2015

With over 250 major brands relying on ServiceChannel facilities management technology, we have a lot of experience in supporting our clients’ US locations as well as those overseas.  What’s interesting is the growing number of international companies with most of their business (and locations) outside the US, that are now pursuing major expansion in the US.  They’re looking to build on the benefits they’ve seen in managing their facilities in their home market and do the same in the US to accelerate their growth.

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Couldn't Make it to PRSM 2015? Here's What You Missed

Retail, Facilities Management, Events

by Jordan Moskowitz  May 12, 2015

Another successful PRSM conference in the books!  Here are a few things that made this PRSM National Conference stand out from the rest.

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What Do Facilities Managers in Canada Know That You Don’t?

Business Intelligence, Contractor Management, Retail

by David Markowitz  Nov 06, 2014

If moving to a more data-focused approach for your facilities management program isn’t something you’ve done - or are in the process of doing, you better get going! ‘Big Data’ has certainly become a trendy buzzword. But regardless of its size, it’s important that data is integrated into all aspects of your daily routine. From our vantage point, we’re seeing this everywhere.

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The Web is Dead - Long Live Physical Stores!

Brand Uptime, Retail

by David Markowitz  Oct 21, 2014


Source: AT Kearney

In retail, the future - if not the present - is online. From Amazon to Zulily, everyone’s buying online. We’re a nation of couch potatoes, sitting on the sofa, surfing on our iPads, buying whatever we need or just want without even getting up - well, at least until the UPS guy shows up at our door.

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Nike’s Innovative Approach to Facilities Management Data Featured in PRSM’s new 2015 Trends Report

Metrics, Customers, Business Intelligence, Retail

by David Markowitz  Sep 10, 2014

Hot off the press is the 2015 Trends Report from industry trade group PRSM (Professional Retail Store Maintenance) featuring a wide range of forecasts for various aspects of the Facilities Management Industry (don’t miss the Developing the Team of Tomorrow discussion on page 24). Also included in this report is an article highlighting Nike’s innovative approach to leveraging the wealth of repair and maintenance (R&M) data it captures on its contractor management platform.

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Chain Store Age: Retail ROI REPORT

Metrics, ROI, Brand Uptime, In The News, Retail

by Jordan Moskowitz  Jul 07, 2014

Chain Store Age Q&A with Andy Brabender, VP Sales, ServiceChannel

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Global Retailer Closes the Gap on R&M Spend by 30%

ROI, Customers, Case Studies, Retail

by Dylan  Jun 18, 2014

Scores of multi-site companies have benefited from deploying ServiceChannel’s facilities management platform across their organizations. While we’ve seen successes from retailers of every type, restaurant chains, convenience store chains, financial services establishments, supermarkets, etc., there are both common threads and unique aspects with each of our clients.

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Managing Facilities for Luxury Retail versus Box Stores

Contractor Compliance, Brand Uptime, Contractor Management, Retail

by Jordan Moskowitz  Jan 09, 2014

There are similarities between luxury retail and box stores. Both want increased customers, both need adequate staffing and both require proper systems management. Pronounced differences are found, however, in several aspects of luxury retail management:

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What’s In-Store for Online Shoppers: Brand Uptime

Brand Uptime, Retail

by Steve Keltz  Dec 06, 2013

Consumers have the ultimate choice to shop electronically or in-store for their holiday gift giving. As retailers know, your store is your brand. Creating a positive, memorable in-store shopping experience is key to producing a repeat customer and strengthening brand loyalty. When the consumer enjoys their in-store experience, they are likely to purchase holiday gifts through entering the store, rather than electronically.

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Nike Presents ServiceChannel with 2012 Vendor Excellence Award

Customers, Achievements, Retail, Company

by Jordan Moskowitz  Oct 24, 2012

ServiceChannel, the market leader in facilities management/contractor collaboration, has received its second Vendor Excellence Award from Nike at their 3rd annual Vendor Conference hosted by the Nike Retail Facilities Team.

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