Have To Outsource Your Facilities Management?  Here’s How To Do It

Facilities Management, Outsourcing

by Tom Buiocchi  Jan 02, 2018

Don’t Outsource.  But if you must, don’t compromise.  It doesn’t have to be sorcery any more!

Hello again.  We have been fairly pointed in our views on how much repair & maintenance savings and efficiencies are available across the facilities sector (and how our initial $20 billion(!) estimate wasn’t even high enough), then, why you shouldn’t have to trade off cost for quality within your FM program, and most recently, why outsourcing your facilities maintenance program is a bad idea.

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Why Punt to an Outsourcer?


by Tom Buiocchi  Dec 20, 2017

Things to think about before you hand the FM ball over...

If you’ve been following along in our prior posts (on the huge amount of waste & inefficiencies in the facilities marketplace, here; and and our recalculation - it’s even more than we thought - of that amount) we have been talking about how modern, technology-forward service automation solutions can replace legacy methods for facilities maintenance to drive lower costs AND higher quality.

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$20 Billion Waste for Facilities Management...And That’s On The Low End


by Tom Buiocchi  Dec 11, 2017

In a previous post several weeks ago, I put a spotlight on the potential hard dollar savings that exist from using a more modern approach to facilities maintenance.  We identified $20 billion in potential savings and encouraged retailers and other multi-location facilities managers to come get their fair share.

Our analysis showed that in the annual $100 billion spend for repair & maintenance (R&M) across multi-location organizations in the US, there is tremendous waste and inefficiency, particularly from the over-reliance on outsourcing R&M services,  the use of third parties to manage delivery of such services, and the repetitive manual tasks and lack of automation related to those services.

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