Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Machine Learning Benefits Facilities Management

Facilities Management, Machine Learning

by Melissa Lane  Nov 03, 2017

AI and machine learning are often falsely portrayed in mass media as machines that take away jobs and outsmart humanity. In reality, advancements in machine learning have the potential to revolutionize business processes and decision-making, including how enterprises manage multiple locations and facilities.

For facilities management, machine learning is primarily used to get the most out of stored data. In this post, we will take a look at three of the ways facilities managers are using machine learning to improve processes and make better decisions:

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What Can Machine Learning Do For Facilities Managers?

Facilities Management, IoT, Machine Learning

by David Lim  Aug 02, 2017

It’s incredible to see the strides of innovation within the facilities management industry. From the traditional pen-and-paper workflow to service automated software, one can only ask, where will we be next?

In a recent episode of the IoT Time Podcast, ServiceChannel’s CEO and facilities industry leader Tom Biuocchi discusses machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive maintenance - and what it means for the facilities management industry. 

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[Research Report] Machine Learning Driving Enterprise Data

Technology, Machine Learning

by David Markowitz  May 08, 2017

We’ve been talking a lot about machine learning recently.  But not simply because it’s a hot topic these days (though it is!).  But because it’s an approach that’s adding real value at both the consumer and enterprise level.  How?  By making the applications we use at home and at work smarter and thus most useful.

We’ve explored a lot of the ways machine learning is being used today.  We’ve also just announced our approach with our solution combining prescriptive analytics with machine learning to improve decision making in the facilities world.  What’s particularly interesting is seeing how research firms like Blue Hill Research see machine learning powering the next wave of digital transformation and enterprise data.

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How to Make Data-Driven Decisions for Your Facilities Management Program

Technology, Machine Learning

by Mike Yang  Apr 20, 2017

People make decisions every day that impact their lives, choices, wallets, etc.  Whether personal or professional, virtually every action taken is based on a choice of various, albeit sometimes conflicting alternatives.  Over time, as we make decisions, particularly within the same domain, we’re ideally getting smarter.  For much of our lives, you’ve made such decisions on gut feel like:

  • Should I take a taxi, Uber or public transportation to get to my destination?
  • Is this the cheapest I can pay for this product or service?
  • Does it make sense to buy this product now?
  • Is this a ‘good’ proposal from a painter that wants to paint my house?
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Are FM Pros Ready to Take Their Profession to the Next Level with Machine Learning?

Technology, Machine Learning

by ServiceChannel  Apr 17, 2017

The PRSM National Conference kicks off this week in the friendly confines of Dallas, TX, with "Big D" welcoming thousands of facilities management professionals and hundreds of suppliers vying to catch their attention.  As always, it's one of the bigger FM events of the year.  On the event’s home page is splashed this question:

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