Ferguson Enterprises Sees Big Results with Service Automation

Customers, Case Studies, Wholesale, Distribution

by Brad Thompson  Feb 07, 2018

Another natural byproduct of the calendar turning a new year is that people and even businesses set new goals. New Year’s resolutions are nothing more than aspirational goals that, unfortunately, usually vanish as nothing more than wishful thinking. Experts at goal-setting and goal-achieving will tell you that good goals have to be realistic, specific, time-bound and measurable.

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CorePower Yoga Resolves to Tame Growing Pains with Service Automation (and Achieves FM Peace)

Customers, Case Studies, Gym-Fitness

by Jordan Lewis  Jan 18, 2018

With the turn of the year come new resolutions for many Americans, which usually involves some pledge to reduce caloric intake and increase cardio rates. These days, that exercise regimen is likely to involve some form of yoga, an ancient discipline that is growing leaps and bounds in the United States. That growth is illustrated by data cited by Forbes, showing that more than 37 million Americans practice yoga today, 20 million more compared to just three or four years ago.

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Visibility In Multi-Site Maintenance [Facility Executive Magazine Feature]

Customers, Case Studies

by David Markowitz  Jun 16, 2016

"The key motivating factor for us as the facilities management team was to gain better visibility and control of our operations and to implement proven, technology enabled practices."

Facility Executive magazine features CorePower Yoga in its May/June 2016 issue and highlights the importance visibility proved to the company in managing a nationwide set of studios.  For over a decade, its maintenance and repair operations were ad-hoc, varying by individual studio, until last year when the head of its facility management department implemented a service automation platform that unified all locations.

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CorePower Yoga Optimizes Contractor Management and Accountability through ServiceChannel

Customers, Press Releases, Case Studies

by ServiceChannel News  May 18, 2016

Service Automation Enables National Yoga Chain to Streamline Work Order Process and
Speed Up Invoicing from Days to Hours

New York – May 18, 2016 -- ServiceChannel, the leading SaaS service automation platform for facilities managers and contractors, today announced that Denver-based CorePower Yoga has implemented ServiceChannel Service Automation to overhaul its highly decentralized facilities maintenance and repair processes to achieve meaningful benefits such as:

  • streamlining number of vendors (contractors) significantly
  • accelerating start-to-finish invoicing from an average 88 percent through digital documentation
  • tracking repair and maintenance spending by specific trade and easily distinguishing between capital versus operational expenses
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Brightside Academy Partners with ServiceChannel and Accelerates Service Requests by 93 Percent

Customers, Press Releases, Case Studies

by ServiceChannel News  Aug 27, 2015

Deploying Cloud and Mobile-Based Service Automation Platform Reduced Workflow Complexity and Time Constraints across 60+ Sites

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2015 – ServiceChannel today announced that Brightside Academy, an early education and child care provider with 60+ locations throughout the Northeast, has successfully

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RaceTrac Accelerates Facilities Maintenance and Repair Improvements through ServiceChannel Service Automation

Press Releases, Case Studies, Convenience Store

by ServiceChannel News  Jul 28, 2015

Convenience Store Chain Slashes Unresolved Daily Service Tickets by Half
Using Cloud-Based Automation and Big Data Analytics

NEW YORK, July 27, 2015 – ServiceChannel, the leading SaaS service automation platform for facilities managers and contractors, today announced that its customer RaceTrac improved maintenance and repair services across its distributed enterprise of more than 700 convenience stores by integrating the ServiceChannel portfolio within its operations.

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National Restaurant Chain Ovation Brands Gains Increased Operational Visibility While Slashing Costs

ROI, Case Studies, Brand Uptime, Contractor Management, Restaurant

by David Markowitz  Dec 04, 2014

All restaurants face the challenge of maintaining their locations in clean, proper operating conditions while keeping costs under control. New locations are opened, existing ones are remodeled and all face high customer foot traffic and constant, regular service demands that can put a continual strain on staff, facilities and equipment.

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Global Retailer Closes the Gap on R&M Spend by 30%

ROI, Customers, Case Studies, Retail

by Dylan  Jun 18, 2014

Scores of multi-site companies have benefited from deploying ServiceChannel’s facilities management platform across their organizations. While we’ve seen successes from retailers of every type, restaurant chains, convenience store chains, financial services establishments, supermarkets, etc., there are both common threads and unique aspects with each of our clients.

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