Moving Past the Headlines and Heralding the Retail Renaissance

Brand Uptime, Retail Facilities Management

by Tom Buiocchi  Jul 17, 2017

As Charles Darwin might say, the traditional retail sector is going through some serious evolution right now. The situation may seem dire judging by one headline after another that predicts nothing but doom and gloom for some of the most iconic companies in the world.

But if you read between the lines, what you’re really seeing is a very natural evolution, one that promises to revamp the retail industry and the shopping experience for the better in ways we could have only dreamed just a few years ago.

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What Do The Fastest Growing Retailers Have in Common? (Hint: Facilities Management Software)

Brand Uptime, Retail, Software

by David Markowitz  Oct 05, 2016

For all the talk about how e-tailing is taking over the retail world and the imminent demise of shopping in physical stores, there’s increasingly countering viewpoints of how many retail brands are growing, and even how formerly online only ‘stores’ are moving away from only having a presence in the virtual world.

One interesting post we came across was one detailing “retail companies that are expanding,” i.e., those that are actually opening new stores.  The list comprises all sorts of brands, from convenience stores to speciality retailers to food purveyors and more.  

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Is Your Brand Ready for Black Friday?

Brand Uptime, Retail, Facilities Management

by David Markowitz  Nov 23, 2015

I'm sure you're getting your stores or other locations ready for Black Friday and the upcoming holiday season. Regardless of your industry, did you know that how you maintain your facilities has direct impact on the perception of your brand, and hence your company's performance?

Particularly at this time of year, it's critical to use facilities' uptime to maintain Brand Uptime.  What's that?

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What Urgent Care Operators Need to Know to Stay in Business

Brand Uptime, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Paul Wolf  May 13, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of attending of both the UCAOA and Pediatric Urgent Care Conferences.  It was an educational experience seeing how medical assistance is offered, changing dramatically right before my eyes.

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National Restaurant Chain Ovation Brands Gains Increased Operational Visibility While Slashing Costs

ROI, Case Studies, Brand Uptime, Contractor Management, Restaurant

by David Markowitz  Dec 04, 2014

All restaurants face the challenge of maintaining their locations in clean, proper operating conditions while keeping costs under control. New locations are opened, existing ones are remodeled and all face high customer foot traffic and constant, regular service demands that can put a continual strain on staff, facilities and equipment.

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The Web is Dead - Long Live Physical Stores!

Brand Uptime, Retail

by David Markowitz  Oct 21, 2014


Source: AT Kearney

In retail, the future - if not the present - is online. From Amazon to Zulily, everyone’s buying online. We’re a nation of couch potatoes, sitting on the sofa, surfing on our iPads, buying whatever we need or just want without even getting up - well, at least until the UPS guy shows up at our door.

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How Two Days Away from the Office Made Me a Better Facilities Manager

Customers, Brand Uptime, Company, Risk Management, Events

by David Markowitz  Oct 16, 2014

If you’re a facilities manager, no one needs to tell you that you’re overworked, as you’re jumping from fire to fire, and likely getting pulled in hundreds of different directions most of the time. That’s the job. But what about moving your business forward? In these belt-tightening times, everyone always needs to be adding value, helping the overall business, beyond simply getting one’s day-to-day responsibilities done.

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Don’t Give the Fox the Keys to the Henhouse, or Why the FM Stack Should Stay Unbundled

Brand Uptime, Contractor Management, Facilities Management

by David Markowitz  Sep 02, 2014

It’s one thing when the proverbial fox guards the henhouse, it’s another when it basically runs it, using it to its advantage. That’s great for the fox - usually not so good for the hens. The same thing can happen with “your” facilities and contractor data. And you don’t want to be the hen.

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Who Needs a Facilities Management System?

White Papers, Business Intelligence, Brand Uptime

by David Markowitz  Aug 11, 2014

Managing the entire range of a multi-location company’s facilities and equipment is a trying task in the best of times. Whether a specialty or big box retailer, regional or national restaurant chain, supermarket or convenience store chain, owner of financial services establishments or any company with various sites to maintain, every brand faces a highly competitive environment to attract customers to and retain customers in its physical locations.

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Chain Store Age: Retail ROI REPORT

Metrics, ROI, Brand Uptime, In The News, Retail

by Jordan Moskowitz  Jul 07, 2014

Chain Store Age Q&A with Andy Brabender, VP Sales, ServiceChannel

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Managing Facilities for Luxury Retail versus Box Stores

Contractor Compliance, Brand Uptime, Contractor Management, Retail

by Jordan Moskowitz  Jan 09, 2014

There are similarities between luxury retail and box stores. Both want increased customers, both need adequate staffing and both require proper systems management. Pronounced differences are found, however, in several aspects of luxury retail management:

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What’s In-Store for Online Shoppers: Brand Uptime

Brand Uptime, Retail

by Steve Keltz  Dec 06, 2013

Consumers have the ultimate choice to shop electronically or in-store for their holiday gift giving. As retailers know, your store is your brand. Creating a positive, memorable in-store shopping experience is key to producing a repeat customer and strengthening brand loyalty. When the consumer enjoys their in-store experience, they are likely to purchase holiday gifts through entering the store, rather than electronically.

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