5 Most Popular Facilities Management Blog Posts

Business Intelligence, Facilities Management, Best Practices, Analytics

by David Markowitz  Jan 14, 2016

What were the hottest, most interesting topics in facilities management last year?  With hundreds of customers, we’re always talking to facility managers, operations and on-site staff, procurement personnel, CFOs and other executives about what challenges they’re facing, best practices they follow and the innovations in the FM software field that are important to them.

Before we all get too far entrenched in 2016, we wanted to look back at our hugely popular facilities management blog and identify the most read posts.  It’s a great opportunity to catch up on any posts you may have missed, as well as get a sense of the topics in which your peers were most interested.  (Spoiler alert: think analytics, financial performance, the best FM software tips, budgeting, etc.)

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How [and Why] Smart Healthcare Operators Ensure Properly Maintained Healthcare Environments

Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Dec 14, 2015

In our prior post, we explored why, if you’re responsible for any type of healthcare operation, be it an urgent care, ambulatory care or any other type of retail healthcare facility, your physical environment should be a high priority and certainly not be a secondary consideration.

With increasing competition for patients and even employees, how you maintain the physical aspects of your operation - and the perception it has on your quality of care - is essential to your business.  Add regulatory and accreditation requirements into the mix, and it’s easy to see why proper maintenance and timely repairs need to be a key aspect of your operations.

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Healthcare’s Physical Environment Shouldn’t be Your Last Consideration

Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Dec 07, 2015

Live...From Your Urgent Care Center?

Chevy Chase, an original cast member on Saturday Night Live, became known for the ‘pratfall’ immediately preceding his introduction of “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”  It was the fall of the week and those of us who were around back then all watched for it.

He took Gerald Ford’s famous fall while exiting Air Force One to a whole new level and almost single handedly branded the President as a clumsy leader with his relentless impersonations of the President tripping and falling. But while Chevy had mastered the pratfall, a healthcare center’s employees and physicians, or worse - its patients and guests - aren’t typically as fortunate if they ‘Chevy Chase’ in the office.

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3 Simple Tricks Facilities Managers Know to Get More Done with FM Mobile Apps

Mobile, Product, Best Practices

by David Markowitz  Nov 18, 2015

Not only is everyone online all the time but everyone’s on their phone or tablet all the time.  Work or play, it’s simply what we all do.  (Given our own statistics, there’s about a 40% chance you’re reading this post on your mobile device!).  But smart facilities managers (FMs) know there’s more to being ‘mobile’ on the job than simply checking emails or IMs 24x7 - let alone being distracted by Facebook.

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Who Doesn’t Want to Learn About Facilities Management?

Facilities Management, Company, Best Practices, Training & Education

by Chellie Esters  Aug 28, 2015

Welcome from the ServiceChannel LearningChannel!  In mid-June, we announced the launch of LearningChannel, our continuing education initiative focused on giving our clients and service providers in-depth education on different aspects of our award-winning facilities management software solutions.  This initiative started with six courses, ranging in topics from work order creation and RFPs and proposals, to invoicing and preventive maintenance.

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If Disney Ran Your Urgent Care Center

Facilities Management, Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Aug 05, 2015

The day Disneyland opened, Walt Disney declared, “At Disneyland, the visitors are our guests.”  Walt was an incredible visionary and innovator whose legacy continues today.  The culture he created combined with Walt’s unwavering commitment to excellence prompted Fred Lee to author the bestseller, If Disney Ran Your Hospital.  

Disney’s recognition of the ‘guest experience’ and his assiduous oversight of every detail related to that experience suffered after his departure - until Disney’s leadership returned to his core values.  “What Would Walt Do?” became the mantra again.  He had always defined visitors as “guests” and employees in the park as its “cast members.”  The result?  In May 2015, Forbes named Disney #11 on the list of The World’s Most Valuable Brands.

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Today’s Urgent Care Patients Have Choice - Will They Choose You?

Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Jun 29, 2015

Urgent care center operators who ask their patients, “How did you hear about us?” will likely find the top two responses to be:

  • This center was recommended to me by a friend or family member or,

  • I have seen the signage when I drive by

Operators who do not prioritize their physical environment, including furniture, fixtures and medical/non-medical equipment, will simply not experience referrals from prior patients.  More importantly, that center’s prior patients will be enticed away by those urgent care centers who do make the environment a priority.  The center therefore loses an existing patient as well as the growth opportunities it would garner from a previously loyal patient’s referrals of friends and family.

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What Your Urgent Care Center Says About the Care You Provide

Best Practices, Urgent Care, Retail Healthcare

by Laurel Stoimenoff, PT, CHC  Jun 18, 2015

The success of an urgent care center today is typically driven by two fundamental metrics:net revenue per visit (fees charged) and total visits (volume).  If both those metrics are healthy, the center is likely a high performer.  Yet these primary success drivers are being challenged via new on demand medicine competitors and payer cost reduction initiatives.  

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ServiceChannel Invests in LearningChannel to Empower Facilities Managers With Advanced Service Automation Expertise

Press Releases, Company, Best Practices

by ServiceChannel News  Jun 08, 2015

Center to Provide Free Training on Latest Skillsets in Automation, Budgeting and Contractor Management

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - June 08, 2015) - ServiceChannel, the leading SaaS service automation platform for facilities managers and contractors, today announced that it is launching a new corporate education program targeted at its global customer base by opening ServiceChannel LearningChannel, to deliver free customer training via a number of live, instructor-led courses on diverse topics related to service automation-enabled facilities management.

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Facilities Management - Extending Service Automation to Outside Contractors

Customers, Facilities Management, Events, Best Practices

by David Markowitz  May 07, 2015

Facilities management is a big part of the broader approach to Service Automation.  More and more, facilities management software is no longer operating in isolation from the rest of an organization's systems, especially those related to supporting other corporate services, from IT requests to HR processes.

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4 Best Practices Innovative Restaurant Chains Follow to Manage Facilities Expenses...And You Don’t!

Contractor Management, Restaurant, Best Practices

by Dave Perry  May 06, 2015

Many of the best and brightest restaurant chains have deployed the latest FM software tools to automate their demand service & maintenance management processes.  The result: enhancing overall efficiencies, reducing costs, and gaining operational and financial visibility into historically unmanaged data.  

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Can Everything Really Be a Service? How Einstein Noah Restaurants Extend Service Automation to Outside Contractors

Customers, Events, Best Practices

by Tom Buiocchi  Apr 24, 2015

Reporting live from the ServiceNow annual user group meeting (Knowledge15) in lovely Las Vegas, amongst 9,000 of my closest friends.  I just left one of the more productive sessions where Mike Gordon, regional facilities manager at Einstein-Noah Restaurants, waxed eloquently about the benefits of using both ServiceChannel and ServiceNow in an integrated fashion to automate all their services, from internal IT issues to individual stores’ repair and maintenance service demand requests.

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3 Ways Facilities Managers Can Get on the Same Page With Procurement

Contractor Compliance, Procurement, Best Practices

by Jessica Countess  Mar 20, 2015

Corporate Procurement teams typically have one goal - help the company reduce operating expenses by achieving the most value for every dollar spent. While often that simply translates to “reducing budgets,” you may be surprised to hear that your Procurement team is focused on many of the same goals you are:

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Facilities Management Customer-focused Teams, Events & Success: Rhodes Report [Mar Edition]

Rhodes Report, Company, Events, Best Practices

by Kristen Rhodes  Mar 17, 2015

It's been a busy month with some new announcements and exciting customer events so let's jump right in.

Customer Focused Teams

Last month we announced a number of new improvements and products.  This month, I'm announcing the formation of my new team designed specifically to bring our clients to the next level. 

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How Nike’s Facilities Management Team Changes a Car’s Tire While Going 65 MPH

Customers, Business Intelligence, Contractor Management, Facilities Management, Best Practices

by David Markowitz  Feb 24, 2015

Ever change a tire on a moving car...that’s going 65 mph?  That’s how one supplier compared working with Nike’s facilities management department according to a recent feature from Professional Retail Store Maintenance magazine.  The article highlights how the high profile brand’s FM team which is responsible for over 350 stores in the US and Canada deals with “extremely high expectations, as well as very high demand with a very low timeframe.”

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