ServiceChannel Roundup: Latest in Events, Partnerships and Facilities Management in the News

by Melissa Lane  Dec 21, 2017

With the year coming to an end, we thought it was a great time to reflect on the past few exciting months. We've been traveling a lot this quarter - from Chicago to Houston to Milan - we’ve made the rounds!

We gained a new partner with GridPoint joining our solution partner ecosystem. And we saw that maturing technology, like article intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) gained momentum in the press, along with the positive impact facilities management has on customer experience.

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Why Punt to an Outsourcer?


by Tom Buiocchi  Dec 20, 2017

Things to think about before you hand the FM ball over...

If you’ve been following along in our prior posts (on the huge amount of waste & inefficiencies in the facilities marketplace, here; and and our recalculation - it’s even more than we thought - of that amount) we have been talking about how modern, technology-forward service automation solutions can replace legacy methods for facilities maintenance to drive lower costs AND higher quality.

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FM and Operations Run Better with Service Automation

Facilities Management

by Kristen Rhodes  Dec 19, 2017

In this third installment of the blog series examining ways that facilities managers can extend the value of service automation to internal peers (previously we covered Accounts Payable and IT areas), we look at the venerable Operations Department, which is the strategic function whose KPIs include efficiency, profits and losses (P&L) and return on investment (ROI).

The history of Operations is long and storied, going back to the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s. Technology has always played an integral role in the development of Operations department and it’s certainly true in the digital age with the advent of the Internet of Things, RFID, Big Data and so forth.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Facilities Management Software for the Financial Sector

Financial Services

by Siddarth Shetty  Dec 18, 2017

Effective facilities management is often overlooked – when banks, credit unions or other financial locations are functioning normally, customers don’t usually notice. In contrast, when facilities aren’t in optimal condition, such as with a broken ATM or even broken signage, the customer experience suffers.

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Louis Vuitton Manages to Stay Luxurious in the World of Facilities Maintenance

Customers, Events

by Juliette Dickens  Dec 13, 2017

Facilities departments increasingly face the challenge of making decisions about their locations and how they impact the customer experience - without an easy way to access meaningful and supporting data.

This month in our NYC office, Alan Donohoe, Senior Manager, Store Planning and Preservation at Louis Vuitton, gave an insightful presentation on its overall ServiceChannel experience, the cost savings it’s realized, and how they use analytics to enhance its facilities management program.

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$20 Billion Waste for Facilities Management...And That’s On The Low End


by Tom Buiocchi  Dec 11, 2017

In a previous post several weeks ago, I put a spotlight on the potential hard dollar savings that exist from using a more modern approach to facilities maintenance.  We identified $20 billion in potential savings and encouraged retailers and other multi-location facilities managers to come get their fair share.

Our analysis showed that in the annual $100 billion spend for repair & maintenance (R&M) across multi-location organizations in the US, there is tremendous waste and inefficiency, particularly from the over-reliance on outsourcing R&M services,  the use of third parties to manage delivery of such services, and the repetitive manual tasks and lack of automation related to those services.

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Charlotte Russe Takes Service Automation Extensibility to New Realms and Saves Millions


by David Markowitz  Dec 07, 2017

In the technology world, the term extensible is generally viewed favorably, connoting good planning and design. It is a software-specific term defined as a way to enable software engineers and application developers to easily add new features and capabilities as requirements change.

ServiceChannel has been on a campaign as of late to promote a form of “extensibility” of our service automation SaaS platform by highlighting different corporate use cases beyond facilities management (FM).

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A Holiday Checklist for Retail Facilities Managers

Retail, Retail Facilities Management

by Melissa Lane  Dec 05, 2017

For retail businesses, the holiday season – October through December – is a critical time of year. According to an annual survey, holiday retail sales are projected to be between $678.8 billion and $682 billion in 2017, up 4% year-over-year. With rising employment numbers and incomes across the U.S., the retail industry is poised to finish the year with strong revenue numbers.

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Integration with Service Automation Pays Off for Accounts Payable and Facilities Management

Facilities Management

by Kristen Rhodes  Nov 30, 2017

This is the second in the series of blog posts examining ways that facilities managers can collaborate better with internal peers and external partners for the benefit of the whole organization. Our first post highlighted the best ways for the FM department to work successfully with its IT group.

In this post, we will look at how using service automation can help FMs and Accounts Payable (A/P) staff work better together for the common goal of processing vendor invoices and payments, which tends to improve their responsiveness and the quality of services delivered.

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Viva Italia! ServiceChannel Talks Retail Facilities Management in Milan


by Juliette Dickens  Nov 28, 2017

The need for retail (and retail-like) companies to compete in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace by ensuring appealing onsite environments has driven interest in retail facilities management technologies, particularly across Europe.

As part of our efforts to share best practices and the benefits available from relying on new and innovative solutions, ServiceChannel participated in two events this month in Milan, Italy - the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Italia 18th Annual Facility Management Day and the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) European Retail Exchange.

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Top 4 Ways Service Automation Benefits Retail

Retail, Retail Facilities Management

by Siddarth Shetty  Nov 27, 2017

The retail industry is absolutely enormous; in the United States alone, there are 3.8 million retail establishments, supporting 42 million jobs and $2.6 trillion in total GDP impact. In fact, retail employs more Americans than any other industry. Operating a successful retail business in such an expansive and competitive industry requires excellent organization and management with the help of intuitive technology.

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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Facilities Management Software


by Mark Trumpbour  Nov 21, 2017

Facilities management (FM) software is designed to help you manage your organization’s facilities more effectively and efficiently. With a variety of FM automation tools at your disposal, you can save on maintenance costs by utilizing technology that manages day-to-day businesses functions.

While many professionals have acknowledged the value and benefits of using FM software, there is still a sense of confusion throughout the industry, as the vast array of software options has prompted some to second-guess their decision.

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4 Ways IoT Enables the Connected Store Vision for C-Stores, Restaurants, Healthcare and Pharmacies

by Andrew Dougherty, TempAlert  Nov 20, 2017

ServiceChannel works with a range of partners in adjacent solution categories, bringing best-of-breed capabilities to the facilities management ecosystem. This is the next in a series of guest posts from our partners highlighting how these new technologies are driving innovation and real value across the enterprise.

In 2017 we have seen more Connected Store initiatives than in any other year, and 2018 looks like it is going to be even busier. The Connected Store is the future of all retail and retail-like environments. Everything will ideally become connected and automated to increase operational efficiency and ensure the safety of products.

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How Service Automation Helps IT and FM Departments Work Better Together

by Kristen Rhodes  Nov 17, 2017

This is the first in a series of blog posts examining ways that facilities managers can take forward-thinking measures in how they perform their jobs, especially in terms of how they collaborate with internal peers and external partners.

This post is based on our ebook Extending the Value of Service Automation Across the Enterprise, which examines how facilities managers can use service automation technology to demonstrate strategic value to their businesses by tying their operations into overall company processes.

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Want to Revolutionize Your Facilities Inspections? There’s an App for That!


by Luke Watson, Archaio  Nov 13, 2017

ServiceChannel works with a range of partners in adjacent solution categories, bringing best-of-breed capabilities to the facilities management ecosystem.  This is the first in a series of guest posts from our partners highlighting how these new technologies are driving innovation and real value across the enterprise.

We are in the midst of a smartphone-enabled, technological revolution that is disrupting virtually every industry, and that includes facilities management. The tools are already in our hands and deployed across all locations at virtually no upfront cost, thanks to unprecedented consumer adoption. This invaluable resource is available to all facility managers, and is just an app away from accessibility.

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IFMA Brings the World of Facilities Management to Houston


by Juliette Dickens  Nov 09, 2017

If you are looking to be in the middle of the action in the facilities management world, Houston was recently the place to be. The IFMA World Workplace Conference, held last month in Houston, is an all-encompassing learning and networking event focused on facilities and how to manage them. This year’s annual conference allowed for further discussions, from groundbreaking discoveries impacting the industry to achievable strategies for daily FM tasks.

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Facilities Maintenance Cost vs. Quality - Stop Making That Choice

by Tom Buiocchi  Nov 08, 2017

In my prior post, I highlighted how there’s tremendous waste and inefficiency across the $100 billion facilities services supply chain from reliance on outsourcing, third party cost layers, and manual inefficiencies.  Cost savings are of course important to any organization.

But quality and customer experience are also important determinants of the success of any facilities program, both of which have direct impact on overall business results.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Machine Learning Benefits Facilities Management

Facilities Management, Machine Learning

by Melissa Lane  Nov 03, 2017

AI and machine learning are often falsely portrayed in mass media as machines that take away jobs and outsmart humanity. In reality, advancements in machine learning have the potential to revolutionize business processes and decision-making, including how enterprises manage multiple locations and facilities.

For facilities management, machine learning is primarily used to get the most out of stored data. In this post, we will take a look at three of the ways facilities managers are using machine learning to improve processes and make better decisions:

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5 Challenges of Work Order Management

work order management system, facilities management software

by Doug Ingraham  Nov 01, 2017

No doubt about it, facilities managers have a tough job. Their work is extensive, varied, and, oftentimes, invisible to an unknowing eye; we expect facilities to be high-functioning, smooth-running, clean, and efficient, but don’t ever sit to think about all the effort necessary to keep locations this way. Facilities managers are responsible for identifying, planning, scheduling, overseeing, and evaluating all of the work that that has to be done, including managing and tracking work orders.

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How to Eat Your Way Through a 3-Day Expo: 4 Things Learned at The NACS Show

by Juliette Dickens  Oct 30, 2017

If you’ve never attended a NACS Show before (the premier industry event for convenience and fuel retailing), you may want to include this in your “must attend conference” list. The conference hosts more than 20,000 industry stakeholders from around the world and boasts a large expo floor with plenty of exhibitors to meet, and treats to devour!

While C-Stores are becoming larger and supporting more complex equipment, it’s become imperative that they be better maintained to drive customer interest and repeat business. This year’s NACS Show provided attendees with solutions they need to enhance their C-Store facilities and locations.

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