Want to Revolutionize Your Facilities Inspections? There’s an App for That!


by Luke Watson, Archaio  Nov 13, 2017

ServiceChannel works with a range of partners in adjacent solution categories, bringing best-of-breed capabilities to the facilities management ecosystem.  This is the first in a series of guest posts from our partners highlighting how these new technologies are driving innovation and real value across the enterprise.

We are in the midst of a smartphone-enabled, technological revolution that is disrupting virtually every industry, and that includes facilities management. The tools are already in our hands and deployed across all locations at virtually no upfront cost, thanks to unprecedented consumer adoption. This invaluable resource is available to all facility managers, and is just an app away from accessibility.

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IFMA Brings the World of Facilities Management to Houston


by Juliette Dickens  Nov 09, 2017

If you are looking to be in the middle of the action in the facilities management world, Houston was recently the place to be. The IFMA World Workplace Conference, held last month in Houston, is an all-encompassing learning and networking event focused on facilities and how to manage them. This year’s annual conference allowed for further discussions, from groundbreaking discoveries impacting the industry to achievable strategies for daily FM tasks.

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Facilities Maintenance Cost vs. Quality - Stop Making That Choice

by Tom Buiocchi  Nov 08, 2017

In my prior post, I highlighted how there’s tremendous waste and inefficiency across the $100 billion facilities services supply chain from reliance on outsourcing, third party cost layers, and manual inefficiencies.  Cost savings are of course important to any organization.

But quality and customer experience are also important determinants of the success of any facilities program, both of which have direct impact on overall business results.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Machine Learning Benefits Facilities Management

Facilities Management, Machine Learning

by Melissa Lane  Nov 03, 2017

AI and machine learning are often falsely portrayed in mass media as machines that take away jobs and outsmart humanity. In reality, advancements in machine learning have the potential to revolutionize business processes and decision-making, including how enterprises manage multiple locations and facilities.

For facilities management, machine learning is primarily used to get the most out of stored data. In this post, we will take a look at three of the ways facilities managers are using machine learning to improve processes and make better decisions:

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5 Challenges of Work Order Management

work order management system, facilities management software

by Doug Ingraham  Nov 01, 2017

No doubt about it, facilities managers have a tough job. Their work is extensive, varied, and, oftentimes, invisible to an unknowing eye; we expect facilities to be high-functioning, smooth-running, clean, and efficient, but don’t ever sit to think about all the effort necessary to keep locations this way. Facilities managers are responsible for identifying, planning, scheduling, overseeing, and evaluating all of the work that that has to be done, including managing and tracking work orders.

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How to Eat Your Way Through a 3-Day Expo: 4 Things Learned at The NACS Show

by Juliette Dickens  Oct 30, 2017

If you’ve never attended a NACS Show before (the premier industry event for convenience and fuel retailing), you may want to include this in your “must attend conference” list. The conference hosts more than 20,000 industry stakeholders from around the world and boasts a large expo floor with plenty of exhibitors to meet, and treats to devour!

While C-Stores are becoming larger and supporting more complex equipment, it’s become imperative that they be better maintained to drive customer interest and repeat business. This year’s NACS Show provided attendees with solutions they need to enhance their C-Store facilities and locations.

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4 Ways CMMS Software Can Ensure Preventive Maintenance

by Doug Ingraham  Oct 24, 2017

As President Eisenhower once said, “planning is everything.” This rings true to facilities management, as pre-scheduled repair and maintenance efforts work to keep equipment functioning optimally and reducing downtime. This type of work is referred to as planned or preventive maintenance, and it has amazing results; a study from commercial real estate company Jones Lang LaSalle found that preventive maintenance results in a whopping 545 percent return on investment.

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What Every Facilities Manager Should Do Now: End-of-Year Budgeting & Planning

facilities management software

by David Markowitz  Oct 19, 2017

This is the last in a series of posts highlighting critical Action Items that every facilities manager should be focused on throughout the year, but especially during certain parts of the year. You may learn about them all in the popular ebook, What Every Facilities Manager Should Do Now.

In our prior post, we stressed the importance of quantitatively tracking contractor and service provider performance, and why it’s the only way to ensure superior performance across your locations.  We also discussed how facilities managers increasingly rely on data-based contractor scorecards to provide objective measures that form the core of monthly or quarterly reviews with all their contractors.

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How Analytics Helps Facilities Managers Drive Success

Facilities Management, Analytics

by Siddarth Shetty  Oct 18, 2017

Facilities managers are tasked with the important task of keeping their locations safe and optimized for sales. The industry has found itself always trying to put out fires, thereby being very reactive and typically relying on gut decisions. This is not unlike many other industries, but times are changing and facilities managers are more data hungry than ever.

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4 Ways Service Automation Supports Repair and Maintenance Efforts

by Doug Ingraham  Oct 10, 2017

Service automation is a process to help human workers complete their tasks quicker, easier, and more efficiently. This can be applied across many business operations, including facilities management. Service automation for facilities management focuses on supporting facilities managers with automated repair and maintenance efforts.

In this post, we will look at four specific areas in which service automation software can alleviate certain repair and maintenance tasks from facilities managers’ plates.  

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It’s Not Too Late! Top Six Facilities Management Events To Attend in 2017

Facilities Management, Events

by Juliette Dickens  Oct 10, 2017

Whether you're responsible for maintaining facilities for a particular organization and looking for best practices, or are interested in learning more about the latest advances in facilities management software, there are still plenty of opportunities to attend a number of facilities management industry events being held in North America and Europe this year.

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How Facilities Management Improves Customer Experience

Facilities Management, Customer Experience

by Shawn Hilditch  Oct 06, 2017

The first full week of October is officially Customer Service Week and the ServiceChannel team couldn’t be more excited. The week was set out to celebrate the importance of customer service and customer experience, along with the people who continue to serve and support customers on a daily basis. 

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Attention Retailers & FM Professionals: We Found $20 Billion And It’s Yours

Facilities Management

by Tom Buiocchi  Oct 03, 2017

Are you a retail executive or facilities professional?  If so, we have something for you.

We know there's a lot of buzz about the retail and related sectors, and you’re working to transform your company to compete for the future.  We’d like to help – in fact, we recently found $20 billion and want to help you get your fair share (as I also highlighted recently in a LinkedIn post).

Joke?  No?  Tongue-in-cheek?  Not really.  Nope, this is real.  

In this post, we’ll try to outline our assumptions and the math behind this, let you know where “not” to look to find the money and suggest how you can ensure that you get yours.

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Using Software to Streamline the Work Order Life Cycle

work order management system

by Doug Ingraham  Oct 03, 2017

Facilities management can be an overwhelming job; when you need to oversee numerous pieces of equipment in multiple locations that need to be tended to by various contractors, every second counts. Facilities managers need to prioritize efficiency to be able to do their jobs effectively. That’s where work order software comes in. 

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Top 7 Reasons You Can’t Miss Next Year’s ServiceChannel CONNECT User Group

Facilities Management, Facilities Manager

by Juliette Dickens  Sep 28, 2017

ServiceChannel’s CONNECT User Group conference was created to enlighten, inspire and educate attendees, and to 

help further grow and foster the ServiceChannel user community.  We’ve gotten great feedback from everyone who attended this year, who enjoyed the mix of information, education, networking and fun.

In case you missed us in Las Vegas, here are seven compelling reasons why you need to add this event to your 2018 schedule.

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ServiceChannel Roundup: New Product Announcements, New Partners, CONNECT User Group and More

Facilities Manager, ServiceChannel

by David Lim  Sep 26, 2017

It’s been quite a busy few weeks here. At the recent ServiceChannel CONNECT User Group, we launched a number of exciting new innovations for the facilities community and made some important announcements. In addition, there’s been a lot of press coverage about the benefits of new and emerging technologies and their impact on the facilities management (FM) world. Here’s a quick recap in case you missed anything:

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Facilities Management Wins Big in Vegas at ServiceChannel CONNECT

Facilities Management, Facilities Manager

by Tom Buiocchi  Sep 22, 2017

Hello everyone - We just had our annual user group conference in Las Vegas last week, and I wanted to take a moment to again thank all of you who took time from your busy days and lives to come join us and share your thoughts and perspectives.

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[WEBINAR] Benihana’s Recipe for FM Success: Best Practices in Managing a Multi-Brand Restaurant Chain

Restaurant, Facilities Management

by David Lim  Sep 18, 2017

Ever wonder how a restaurant with over 100 locations manages its facilities management program across multiple brands in multiple regions? We recently participated in an exclusive webinar hosted by FacilitiesNet with multi-brand restaurant chain Benihana (known for its innovative hibachi, sushi and fusion restaurant chains).  

The informative session featured facilities management veteran, James (Jim) Mouland from Benihana and ServiceChannel thought leader David Markowitz. The pair discuss key elements of Benihana’s successful facilities program and best practices applicable to FMs anywhere.  

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Doubling Down on Facilities Management: Highlights from Day Two at ServiceChannel CONNECT

Facilities Management, Retail Facilities Management, Facilities Manager

by David Markowitz  Sep 13, 2017

As we covered in our User Group Day One recap from Las Vegas yesterday, we got off to a great start exploring the tremendous inefficiencies across the facilities sector (namely the $20 billion in fat and waste) and what one can do about it, the challenges and new approaches to take in the face of the market evolution and technology advances impacting the retail industry, the expanding universe of FM solutions offered through an array of new ServiceChannel partners, and a number of best practices and learnings shared separately by our Solutions team as well as restaurant client, Bloomin’ Brands.

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The Right Bet on Facilities Management: Highlights From Day One at ServiceChannel CONNECT

Facilities Management, Retail Facilities Management, Facilities Manager

by David Markowitz  Sep 12, 2017

Much of the facilities management world found themselves in Las Vegas this week at the ServiceChannel CONNECT User Group. The event brought together facilities and related professionals from a range of industries - from retail, restaurant, hospitality and convenience stores to fitness, financial services, storage and transportation, among others.

The annual event enabled ServiceChannel customers to learn about trends and new technologies, best practices and product improvements from the ServiceChannel team, industry experts and each other.  There was also plenty of time for peer-to-peer networking and of course, some fun.

We all know that what happens in Vegas...Well, we thought it’d be okay to share some of the highlights.

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