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Have To Outsource Your Facilities Management?  Here’s How To Do It

Facilities Management, Outsourcing

by Tom Buiocchi  Jan 02, 2018

Don’t Outsource.  But if you must, don’t compromise.  It doesn’t have to be sorcery any more!

Hello again.  We have been fairly pointed in our views on how much repair & maintenance savings and efficiencies are available across the facilities sector (and how our initial $20 billion(!) estimate wasn’t even high enough), then, why you shouldn’t have to trade off cost for quality within your FM program, and most recently, why outsourcing your facilities maintenance program is a bad idea.

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Why Punt to an Outsourcer?


by Tom Buiocchi  Dec 20, 2017

Things to think about before you hand the FM ball over...

If you’ve been following along in our prior posts (on the huge amount of waste & inefficiencies in the facilities marketplace, here; and and our recalculation - it’s even more than we thought - of that amount) we have been talking about how modern, technology-forward service automation solutions can replace legacy methods for facilities maintenance to drive lower costs AND higher quality.

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$20 Billion Waste for Facilities Management...And That’s On The Low End


by Tom Buiocchi  Dec 11, 2017

In a previous post several weeks ago, I put a spotlight on the potential hard dollar savings that exist from using a more modern approach to facilities maintenance.  We identified $20 billion in potential savings and encouraged retailers and other multi-location facilities managers to come get their fair share.

Our analysis showed that in the annual $100 billion spend for repair & maintenance (R&M) across multi-location organizations in the US, there is tremendous waste and inefficiency, particularly from the over-reliance on outsourcing R&M services,  the use of third parties to manage delivery of such services, and the repetitive manual tasks and lack of automation related to those services.

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Facilities Maintenance Cost vs. Quality - Stop Making That Choice

by Tom Buiocchi  Nov 08, 2017

In my prior post, I highlighted how there’s tremendous waste and inefficiency across the $100 billion facilities services supply chain from reliance on outsourcing, third party cost layers, and manual inefficiencies.  Cost savings are of course important to any organization.

But quality and customer experience are also important determinants of the success of any facilities program, both of which have direct impact on overall business results.

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Attention Retailers & FM Professionals: We Found $20 Billion And It’s Yours

Facilities Management

by Tom Buiocchi  Oct 03, 2017

Are you a retail executive or facilities professional?  If so, we have something for you.

We know there's a lot of buzz about the retail and related sectors, and you’re working to transform your company to compete for the future.  We’d like to help – in fact, we recently found $20 billion and want to help you get your fair share (as I also highlighted recently in a LinkedIn post).

Joke?  No?  Tongue-in-cheek?  Not really.  Nope, this is real.  

In this post, we’ll try to outline our assumptions and the math behind this, let you know where “not” to look to find the money and suggest how you can ensure that you get yours.

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Facilities Management Wins Big in Vegas at ServiceChannel CONNECT

Facilities Management, Facilities Manager

by Tom Buiocchi  Sep 22, 2017

Hello everyone - We just had our annual user group conference in Las Vegas last week, and I wanted to take a moment to again thank all of you who took time from your busy days and lives to come join us and share your thoughts and perspectives.

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Views from Doug Stephens, The Retail Prophet

by Tom Buiocchi  Aug 28, 2017

The retail industry is undergoing a transformation. You know it; we know it; pretty much everyone knows it.  But how exactly is this transformation occurring and what will be impacted? Customer experience is one of the most important elements that’s evolving due to new market dynamics, emerging technologies and demographic preferences.

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Moving Past the Headlines and Heralding the Retail Renaissance

Brand Uptime, Retail Facilities Management

by Tom Buiocchi  Jul 17, 2017

As Charles Darwin might say, the traditional retail sector is going through some serious evolution right now. The situation may seem dire judging by one headline after another that predicts nothing but doom and gloom for some of the most iconic companies in the world.

But if you read between the lines, what you’re really seeing is a very natural evolution, one that promises to revamp the retail industry and the shopping experience for the better in ways we could have only dreamed just a few years ago.

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Meet the New Retail...Certainly Not the Same as the Old Retail

Retail Facilities Management

by Tom Buiocchi  Jul 14, 2017

It doesn’t take much deep reading to understand that the retail industry has some stuff going on.  And it’s not all that easy to decipher….headlines range from store closings and bankruptcies to store openings and expansions, to some creative mergers and acquisitions.  Some of the more interesting recent news highlights online players getting into brick and mortar, while traditional physical store players delve into the e-commerce world.  

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Is There Enough Transparency in Your Facilities Management World?

by Tom Buiocchi  Jun 21, 2016

I guess it’s pretty fair to say that business is a journey, and that the perpetual and rigorous evolution-improvement-refinement cycle is as important as any success factor.  

We’re continually looking to update and refine everything we do – from providing more value in our products, to becoming more efficient, to making sure we communicate in the most direct and understandable manner.

On that last point, we’ve recently spent some time reassessing the core of our value proposition (what we REALLY do that matters MOST to our customers), as well as the clarity of our communications to you and the market in general.

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A Thanks and Happy New Year to the Growing ServiceChannel Community

Facilities Management, Company

by Tom Buiocchi  Jan 07, 2016

Well, it’s time for that flip of the calendar to a new year.  We all hope that your 2015 was a good one, both personally and professionally, and that your outlook for 2016 is positive and filled with optimism.    

We’d like to thank you again for your partnership, commitment and candor this year.   Facilities management is an increasingly sophisticated, complex and strategic function - you need the proper operational and analytical tools - and a committed partner to succeed.

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Ensuring that Our Business Supports Your Business

Customers, Company

by Tom Buiocchi  Oct 14, 2015

Summer is fading fast and I hope you are all enjoying the crisp air of the autumn, back-to-school season and football in all shapes and sizes.  

I just wanted to continue the conversation about our evolution at ServiceChannel, and by extension, our continued, growing commitment to our partnership with you.

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Bringing A Marketplace Perspective to the Facilities Sector

by Tom Buiocchi  Sep 01, 2015

We had a terrific leadership team meeting this week, where about 15 of our senior team members got together to discuss, debate and plan a number of things about ServiceChannel’s direction and future plans.  It’s a monthly meeting and one highly provisioned with enthusiasm, passion and new ideas.  

One of the big discussion points this time around was the notion of online marketplaces, or online networks, as some folks call them.  We of course debated “what we are” (I like marketplace, some prefer network).  Some stuck with “software” or “application” but that seemed to be less popular of an answer because our customers are transacting at such a rate (over 1 million work orders per month), that you can’t ignore that “marketplace” (or network) aspect.

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Can Everything Really Be a Service? How Einstein Noah Restaurants Extend Service Automation to Outside Contractors

Customers, Events, Best Practices

by Tom Buiocchi  Apr 24, 2015

Reporting live from the ServiceNow annual user group meeting (Knowledge15) in lovely Las Vegas, amongst 9,000 of my closest friends.  I just left one of the more productive sessions where Mike Gordon, regional facilities manager at Einstein-Noah Restaurants, waxed eloquently about the benefits of using both ServiceChannel and ServiceNow in an integrated fashion to automate all their services, from internal IT issues to individual stores’ repair and maintenance service demand requests.

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What Is Service Automation - Why So Many Flavors and Why Should I Care?

Facilities Management

by Tom Buiocchi  Apr 07, 2015

OK, I have to admit that Service Automation wasn’t exactly a term I had used much before I came to ServiceChannel.  I half expected it to be something related to robots serving me a hamburger or pizza.

Turns out, it’s a pretty widely used term, and used in a bunch of different contexts, but pretty much always translates to “using technology to help you to get things done faster, better and more efficiently.”  But there are a lot of different flavors of Service Automation, as you might imagine.

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