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Rocking with Retailers in the Music City: PRSM 2018

Retail Facilities Management

by Juliette Dickens  Apr 18, 2018

The 2018 Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) conference was held this month in the music city, Nashville, Tennessee. According to PRSM, this year was the largest attendance for this conference of multi-site retail and restaurant FM professionals.

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Webinar with CVS Health: How to Elevate Facilities Management Within Your Organization

Customers, webinar, Retail Facilities Management

by Juliette Dickens  Apr 16, 2018

Traditionally, FM teams are seen as the teams that manage assets and manage repair and maintenance at brick and mortar locations. But facilities management is more than that. Especially in today’s competitive environment, it is extremely important to have the best customer experience in your stores. Locations are the face of the brand, and facilities managers are responsible for brand uptime and ensuring locations are safe, comfortable and optimized for sales.

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ServiceChannel Talks Facilities Management at NFMT 2018

Customers, Events

by Juliette Dickens  Apr 02, 2018

At this year’s National Facilities Management and Technology Conference (NFMT), attendees gathered in Baltimore, Maryland to learn best practices, network and discover some new and existing products in the facilities space. ServiceChannel participated as an exhibitor at the expo, showcasing cloud-based service automation and reporting capabilities.

During the three-day conference, members of the ServiceChannel team- Todd Lutwak, Head of Business and Marketplace Development and Priyanka Kalia, Senior Product Manager- presented thought leadership material to attendees.

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Elevating Facilities Management Within Your Organization

Customers, Events, webinar

by Juliette Dickens  Mar 28, 2018

Did you know that service automation technology can support all of your company’s goals? From boosting customer experience to driving revenue, it’s crucial to demonstrate the value of facilities management to all functions of your organization.

Join us on April 3, 2018 at 1 PM EST for a live webinar where ServiceChannel customer, CVS Health will discuss the importance of adopting FM technology and its impact across the company.

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RFMA 2018: Facilities Managers Take a Bite Out of Technology


by Juliette Dickens  Mar 19, 2018

The Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) conference is the premier annual event for restaurant facility management professionals to gather with peers, vendors and other industry-shapers under one big roof. This year, the event ran for three days in Phoenix, Arizona, with each day packed with learning opportunities, networking events and an expo floor that held over 400+ exhibitors.

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Grocery Industry Lessons Learned at NGA | ServiceChannel


by Juliette Dickens  Mar 02, 2018

Given the food retail industry’s ever-changing environment and evolving advancements in innovation, it’s imperative to learn how to get better pricing, add more product variety and improve the shopper experience.  Customers now expect more and are pushing retailers to innovate.  As in most sectors, they’re demanding a higher quality of service and specifically as it relates to their health and wellness, they want more healthy food options.

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[WEBINAR] Driving Asset Management Efficiency at Sit ‘n Sleep

Customers, Events

by Juliette Dickens  Feb 01, 2018

Ever wonder how you could drive performance while cutting costs and improving customer experience? This month we joined forces with Powerhouse Dynamics and one of the most respected mattress retailers, Sit ‘n Sleep to discuss the benefits of integrating service automation and energy management systems to drive asset management efficiency.

In case you missed this webinar - we’ve got you covered with the top highlights from discussions between facilities management veteran, Patty Cruz from Sit ‘n Sleep and subject matter experts, David Tillman from ServiceChannel and Jay Fiske from Powerhouse Dynamics.

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Facilities Management Professionals Dig Into Analytics and the Future of Asset Management


by Juliette Dickens  Jan 26, 2018

ServiceChannel kicked off 2018 with a LEARN&LEAD educational event held at our New York City headquarters. The LEARN&LEAD series educates facilities management professionals on the latest trends, new product innovations, best practices and importantly, how to gain more visibility and transparency into their facilities management program through service automation.

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Upcoming Webinar: Integrating Service Automation & Energy Management

Events, webinar, Partners

by Juliette Dickens  Jan 12, 2018

More and more, facilities management systems are driving organization-wide benefits by touching more functions and integrating with other enterprise software.  For many businesses, ensuring proper operating conditions, at all times, across a wide array of distributed locations is essential to their performance.

Leveraging increasingly connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a primary method that’s being used to share information across assets and locations to those that need to monitor and service them, and thus ensure proper operation and customer experiences.

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Louis Vuitton Manages to Stay Luxurious in the World of Facilities Maintenance

Customers, Events

by Juliette Dickens  Dec 13, 2017

Facilities departments increasingly face the challenge of making decisions about their locations and how they impact the customer experience - without an easy way to access meaningful and supporting data.

This month in our NYC office, Alan Donohoe, Senior Manager, Store Planning and Preservation at Louis Vuitton, gave an insightful presentation on its overall ServiceChannel experience, the cost savings it’s realized, and how they use analytics to enhance its facilities management program.

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Viva Italia! ServiceChannel Talks Retail Facilities Management in Milan


by Juliette Dickens  Nov 28, 2017

The need for retail (and retail-like) companies to compete in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace by ensuring appealing onsite environments has driven interest in retail facilities management technologies, particularly across Europe.

As part of our efforts to share best practices and the benefits available from relying on new and innovative solutions, ServiceChannel participated in two events this month in Milan, Italy - the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Italia 18th Annual Facility Management Day and the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) European Retail Exchange.

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IFMA Brings the World of Facilities Management to Houston


by Juliette Dickens  Nov 09, 2017

If you are looking to be in the middle of the action in the facilities management world, Houston was recently the place to be. The IFMA World Workplace Conference, held last month in Houston, is an all-encompassing learning and networking event focused on facilities and how to manage them. This year’s annual conference allowed for further discussions, from groundbreaking discoveries impacting the industry to achievable strategies for daily FM tasks.

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How to Eat Your Way Through a 3-Day Expo: 4 Things Learned at The NACS Show

by Juliette Dickens  Oct 30, 2017

If you’ve never attended a NACS Show before (the premier industry event for convenience and fuel retailing), you may want to include this in your “must attend conference” list. The conference hosts more than 20,000 industry stakeholders from around the world and boasts a large expo floor with plenty of exhibitors to meet, and treats to devour!

While C-Stores are becoming larger and supporting more complex equipment, it’s become imperative that they be better maintained to drive customer interest and repeat business. This year’s NACS Show provided attendees with solutions they need to enhance their C-Store facilities and locations.

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It’s Not Too Late! Top Six Facilities Management Events To Attend in 2017

Facilities Management, Events

by Juliette Dickens  Oct 10, 2017

Whether you're responsible for maintaining facilities for a particular organization and looking for best practices, or are interested in learning more about the latest advances in facilities management software, there are still plenty of opportunities to attend a number of facilities management industry events being held in North America and Europe this year.

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Top 7 Reasons You Can’t Miss Next Year’s ServiceChannel CONNECT User Group

Facilities Management, Facilities Manager

by Juliette Dickens  Sep 28, 2017

ServiceChannel’s CONNECT User Group conference was created to enlighten, inspire and educate attendees, and to 

help further grow and foster the ServiceChannel user community.  We’ve gotten great feedback from everyone who attended this year, who enjoyed the mix of information, education, networking and fun.

In case you missed us in Las Vegas, here are seven compelling reasons why you need to add this event to your 2018 schedule.

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Don’t Gamble With Your Facilities Program - CONNECT with ServiceChannel in Las Vegas


by Juliette Dickens  Jul 25, 2017

Do you rely on ServiceChannel Service Automation to manage your stores, restaurants, buildings and other locations?  Are you interested in learning how you can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your facilities management program? Want to boost the value you get from your FM software deployment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to join ServiceChannel for the CONNECT User Group event in Las Vegas, coming up this September 11 and 12.

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NEC Attributes its Success to Being Responsive and Available 24/7

by Juliette Dickens  Jun 15, 2017

With National Electric Corporation (NEC) there is no gray area. Either the lighting works or it doesn’t. As the premier national vendor of retail electrical and sign maintenance, NEC makes sure its customers’ signs and all store lighting are in optimum performance condition. This woman-owned business headquartered in Norwood, MA boasts a database of more than 4,000 highly qualified licensed subcontractors and counts some of the largest retail stores and chains across the U.S. and Canada as its clients.

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From the Experts: Key Takeaways on Contractor Management Made Easy

Customers, webinar

by Juliette Dickens  Jun 05, 2017

If you missed our recent webinar, we got you covered! And, we have a great Top 10 List .. keep reading to learn more.

Attendees heard from facilities management expert, Joel Elsea from CURO Financial Technologies and ServiceChannel thought leader, Bashir Abdallah, on how contractor management can be made easier - with simple tips, tricks and ways to efficiently manage your contractors.

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Legacy Electric Rapidly Grows to Offer Services Nationwide

by Juliette Dickens  May 18, 2017

Shawn Lackey beams with pride when he talks about his rapidly growing company, Legacy Electric.  Shawn, a multi-state master electrician, launched Legacy Electric in 2008 and since then has grown the company to offer facility and restaurant lighting, power and sign repairs in nine states.

Shawn doesn’t think of his role as only the president of the company, but, as he says “the fearless leader unafraid of wearing several different hats. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my company successful and my customers happy. We want lifelong customers, so it’s not about making a large one-time profit.  It’s about being fair and the company profiting over a long-term relationship. When we finish our job, we want to see you again the next time you need an electrician. This culture has given us a strong reputation.  We have been adding clientele with ease because of the testimonial and referral base we obtain.”

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Analytics is So Last Year... and Other Things Learned at PRSM 2017


by Juliette Dickens  May 01, 2017

Retail facilities management can be a 24x7 endeavor.  But even the FM sector can get an occasional brief respite...taking a break recently in the “Big D.”  What for?  Dallas was the site of this year’s PRSM 2017 National Conference, the must-attend event of the year for retail FM  professionals.  

As the hub at the intersection of retailing, facilities management and enterprise technology, there’re lots of ideas, practices and deep thoughts percolating in most conversations.  Here are five of the more interesting ones that rose to the surface this year at PRSM, and some brief insight from some of our own team that attended.

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