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How Facilities Management Software Can Help Tackle Winter’s FM Challenges

facilities management software

by Doug Ingraham  Feb 06, 2018

Powdery snow, the holiday season, ice skating, sledding, hot cocoa — there are a lot of things to love about winter. But for facilities managers, winter also comes with some definite downsides; cold temperatures and inclement weather can wreak havoc on facilities, stalling brand uptime and driving up costs. To minimize winter’s negative effects, FMs can turn to facilities management software.

Facilities management software is able to help FMs execute the steps necessary to keep their locations running optimally during the tough winter months. Let’s take a look at how:

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5 “Must Have” Work Order Management Software Features

work order management system

by Doug Ingraham  Jan 23, 2018

As any facilities manager knows, scheduling, monitoring, invoicing, and filing work orders is one of the primary job responsibilities. Unfortunately, this process can be unnecessarily time-consuming, stressful, and costly. To improve the management of the service request process, facilities managers should utilize work order management software.

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5 Challenges of Work Order Management

work order management system, facilities management software

by Doug Ingraham  Nov 01, 2017

No doubt about it, facilities managers have a tough job. Their work is extensive, varied, and, oftentimes, invisible to an unknowing eye; we expect facilities to be high-functioning, smooth-running, clean, and efficient, but don’t ever sit to think about all the effort necessary to keep locations this way. Facilities managers are responsible for identifying, planning, scheduling, overseeing, and evaluating all of the work that that has to be done, including managing and tracking work orders.

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4 Ways CMMS Software Can Ensure Preventive Maintenance

by Doug Ingraham  Oct 24, 2017

As President Eisenhower once said, “planning is everything.” This rings true to facilities management, as pre-scheduled repair and maintenance efforts work to keep equipment functioning optimally and reducing downtime. This type of work is referred to as planned or preventive maintenance, and it has amazing results; a study from commercial real estate company Jones Lang LaSalle found that preventive maintenance results in a whopping 545 percent return on investment.

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4 Ways Service Automation Supports Repair and Maintenance Efforts

by Doug Ingraham  Oct 10, 2017

Service automation is a process to help human workers complete their tasks quicker, easier, and more efficiently. This can be applied across many business operations, including facilities management. Service automation for facilities management focuses on supporting facilities managers with automated repair and maintenance efforts.

In this post, we will look at four specific areas in which service automation software can alleviate certain repair and maintenance tasks from facilities managers’ plates.  

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Using Software to Streamline the Work Order Life Cycle

work order management system

by Doug Ingraham  Oct 03, 2017

Facilities management can be an overwhelming job; when you need to oversee numerous pieces of equipment in multiple locations that need to be tended to by various contractors, every second counts. Facilities managers need to prioritize efficiency to be able to do their jobs effectively. That’s where work order software comes in. 

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How to Reduce Maintenance Spend with Facilities Management Software

Facilities Management, facilities management software

by Doug Ingraham  Sep 01, 2017

Reduction of repair and maintenance spend is a primary goal for facilities management teams across every industry because all businesses want to increase their ratio of revenue to output. As this can be a daunting task to accomplish, businesses need a system in place to help them achieve successful cost reduction.  

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4 Examples of Mobile FM Software in the Workplace

Mobile FM software

by Doug Ingraham  Aug 15, 2017

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, even in the workplace. In fact, Gartner found that 40% of U.S. employees use personally-owned devices, such as smartphones, for work.  

To keep up with consumers’ mobile technology usage, businesses across all industries are starting to integrate mobile devices into the workplace. This appeals to employees who rely on their phones and takes advantage of mobile’s ability to boost productivity. The facilities management industry is no exception to this, and is readily adopting mobile technology to improve daily operations and increase business agility.

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A Checklist for Preventive Maintenance Management

maintenance management software

by Doug Ingraham  Jul 31, 2017

There are many different types of equipment needed to run a business; some require pieces of specialized equipment like restaurant-grade stoves, while others use more common equipment like HVAC units. Unfortunately, keeping these devices in prime working condition can be both challenging and extremely costly. The best way to combat this is with preventive maintenance.

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