Rocking with Retailers in the Music City: PRSM 2018

Retail Facilities Management

by Juliette Dickens  Apr 18, 2018

The 2018 Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) conference was held this month in the music city, Nashville, Tennessee. According to PRSM, this year was the largest attendance for this conference of multi-site retail and restaurant FM professionals.

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Webinar with CVS Health: How to Elevate Facilities Management Within Your Organization

Customers, webinar, Retail Facilities Management

by Juliette Dickens  Apr 16, 2018

Traditionally, FM teams are seen as the teams that manage assets and manage repair and maintenance at brick and mortar locations. But facilities management is more than that. Especially in today’s competitive environment, it is extremely important to have the best customer experience in your stores. Locations are the face of the brand, and facilities managers are responsible for brand uptime and ensuring locations are safe, comfortable and optimized for sales.

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How One Restaurant Chain Uses Facilities Management Data to Save Money and Improve the Customer Experience

Customers, Restaurant

by David Markowitz  Apr 11, 2018

Restaurant chains today face increasing competition not just from other direct competitors but from alternatives like high-end take out and food retailers to premium home food delivery services.  Even entertainment options battling for consumers’ time and dollars are in the mix today. Binging on Netflix typically means eating on the couch - and not sitting down for a restaurant meal.

That makes delivering a superior customer experience all the more important for restaurant chains today.  One international chain (and ServiceChannel customer), Bloomin’ Brands, was recently featured in STORES Magazine (the magazine of the National Retail Foundation).

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Not Just for Farmers Anymore - Don’t Miss the ‘Facilities Managers Almanac’

Facilities Management, Technology

by David Markowitz  Apr 10, 2018

When livelihood is dependent on planting schedules, productive crops and weather impact, a resource like the the Old Farmer’s Almanac is a must have.  But when your professional and corporate well-being relies on maintenance schedules, productive service providers and technology impact, you need a resource purpose-built for your own needs.

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ServiceChannel Talks Facilities Management at NFMT 2018

Customers, Events

by Juliette Dickens  Apr 02, 2018

At this year’s National Facilities Management and Technology Conference (NFMT), attendees gathered in Baltimore, Maryland to learn best practices, network and discover some new and existing products in the facilities space. ServiceChannel participated as an exhibitor at the expo, showcasing cloud-based service automation and reporting capabilities.

During the three-day conference, members of the ServiceChannel team- Todd Lutwak, Head of Business and Marketplace Development and Priyanka Kalia, Senior Product Manager- presented thought leadership material to attendees.

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4 Ways Luxury Retail Benefits from Contractor Management Software

Luxury Retail, contractor management software, Retail Facilities Management

by Lisa Del Percio  Mar 29, 2018

According to a study by Fondazione Altagamma and Boston Consulting Group, spending in the luxury sector is expected to grow to $1.2 trillion by 440 million consumers by 2020 (up from 380 million consumers of luxury goods spending around $998.5 billion on personal luxury goods in 2017). For luxury retail brands to capitalize on this industry growth, they must deliver superior customer experiences in store.

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Elevating Facilities Management Within Your Organization

Customers, Events, webinar

by Juliette Dickens  Mar 28, 2018

Did you know that service automation technology can support all of your company’s goals? From boosting customer experience to driving revenue, it’s crucial to demonstrate the value of facilities management to all functions of your organization.

Join us on April 3, 2018 at 1 PM EST for a live webinar where ServiceChannel customer, CVS Health will discuss the importance of adopting FM technology and its impact across the company.

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ServiceChannel Roundup: Software Updates, Facilities Management News & Events

Customers, Events

by Melissa Lane  Mar 26, 2018

We’re not yet a quarter into the year, but so much has already happened. Recently, we’ve made several announcements regarding our facilities management software platform which will provide tremendous competitive advantage to our customers.. Helping share knowledge across the industry, we’ve participated in some amazing events and particularly rewarding, some of our customers have been recognized for their strides within the field.

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Service Automation Inspires Retail Shoppers to Visit and Stay in Stores

Customers, Brand Uptime, Retail, Retail Facilities Management

by Kevin Ferguson  Mar 26, 2018

We have written previously predicting that the brick-and-mortar retail model is in the midst of a renaissance with personalized customer experience and highly specialized goods and services being keys to success. We got important validation from Forbes who published 22 predictions that brick-and-mortar retail companies will likely experience in 2018, including the success factors that we had written about.

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Getting Health & Fitness Centers in Shape with IoT and Facilities Management Technology

Partners, Gym-Fitness

by Philip Rankine, ECOFIT Networks  Mar 22, 2018

ServiceChannel works with a range of partners in adjacent solution categories, bringing best-of-breed capabilities to the facilities management ecosystem. This is the next in a series of guest posts from our partners highlighting how these new technologies are driving innovation and real value across the enterprise.

Health & fitness club organizations face many challenges in operating and maintaining their facilities.  One very significant challenge is managing their fitness equipment, all combined, as it’s one of their most expensive assets.  The lack of accurate data surrounding this equipment affects many aspects of an organization’s operations of which maintenance, purchasing and liability exposure are but a few.

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RFMA 2018: Facilities Managers Take a Bite Out of Technology


by Juliette Dickens  Mar 19, 2018

The Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) conference is the premier annual event for restaurant facility management professionals to gather with peers, vendors and other industry-shapers under one big roof. This year, the event ran for three days in Phoenix, Arizona, with each day packed with learning opportunities, networking events and an expo floor that held over 400+ exhibitors.

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Integrating Move Management with Facilities Management Leads to a More Productive, Happier Workplace


by Jeff Revoy, SpaceIQ  Mar 14, 2018

ServiceChannel works with a range of partners in adjacent solution categories, bringing best-of-breed capabilities to the facilities management ecosystem. This is the next in a series of guest posts from our partners highlighting how these new technologies are driving innovation and real value across the enterprise.

How do you create a happier workplace, reduce overhead, and maximize productivity? Facilities management (FM) may not be the first place that comes to mind, but your workplace is where employees spend a large portion of their time. The workplace is basically a second home to most employees. Therefore, accommodating your highly-valued employees can be a challenge because they're looking for a work culture that is both serious and a place to recharge their batteries.

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You Get What You Ask For: Bloomin’ Brands Demonstrates Value of Open Communications and Collaboration with a Service Automation Vendor

Customers, Restaurant, Service Automation

by Kristen Rhodes  Mar 08, 2018

It almost goes without saying that the software industry is in a golden age of innovation and advancement. The phrase “software is eating the world” exemplifies the pace and the scale of change that software is still undergoing, which has pervasive impact for just about every industry out there.

Modern software operates in a never-ending innovation cycle defined by continuous development and delivery. The most innovative companies today strive to use software in their operations more strategically, which includes taking advantage of new levels of automation and efficiency that are now widely available.

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“Department of One” Named 2018 Facility Executive of the Year

Customers, Facilities Management

by David Markowitz  Mar 07, 2018

We’re always excited to learn of the accomplishments, internal wins, and successes that our customers achieve.  Our customer success and account teams, who work closely with them, see first hand the benefits that many facilities management professionals bring to their organizations.

We enjoy sharing the best practices that they follow with their peers, and more broadly, through a number of FM case studies highlighting the results they’ve realized.  However, it’s particularly rewarding when a ServiceChannel client is recognized indepedently across the industry.

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3 Work Order Management Best Practices for Storage Facilities


by Nelson Anderson  Mar 06, 2018

The storage industry – specifically the self-storage segment – is focused on reducing facilities management spend. The large assets storage facilities rely on — pavement, roofs, HVAC units, garage doors, and more— are all expensive to maintain and service, especially because most storage locations are have many units that require upkeep.

In order to limit the expense of facility upkeep, one area to focus on is work order management. This includes overseeing the entire work order life cycle, from order creation to contractor dispatch to invoice approval and payment. Let’s take a look at work order management challenges and best practices in the storage industry.

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Grocery Industry Lessons Learned at NGA | ServiceChannel


by Juliette Dickens  Mar 02, 2018

Given the food retail industry’s ever-changing environment and evolving advancements in innovation, it’s imperative to learn how to get better pricing, add more product variety and improve the shopper experience.  Customers now expect more and are pushing retailers to innovate.  As in most sectors, they’re demanding a higher quality of service and specifically as it relates to their health and wellness, they want more healthy food options.

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How to Improve Contractor Relationships with Service Automation

Contractor Management

by Greg Rakovsky  Feb 21, 2018

Facilities management is built on relationships— facilities managers and service providers must work together to create and maintain the best possible business locations. However, even though contractor relationships are extremely important for keeping facilities in optimal shape, they are often forgotten due to shifting priorities and busy schedules.

Creating and maintaining strong contractor relationships must be a priority if businesses want to optimize their facilities management processes. Technology can help; enter service automation.

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Facilities Management Software for Gym Facilities

facilities management software, Gym-Fitness

by Kevin Ferguson  Feb 14, 2018

The health and fitness industry is growing at a rapid pace – more than 66 million Americans used a health club in 2016, a record-high. With over 36,500 health club facilities in the United States for customers to choose from, gyms need to do all they can to stand out and attract new business.

Effective facilities management ensures fitness locations are clean and in peak condition, thus attractive to potential customers. Many FM teams have chosen to implement facilities management software to keep up with the enormous pressure industry popularity is putting on fitness facilities.

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ServiceChannel Roundup: Executive Team Additions, Customer Events and Facilities Management News

Company, Events, ServiceChannel

by Melissa Lane  Feb 12, 2018

With the beginning of 2018, we have started the year off strong! We have gained some new skilled executives, held an awesome event for our subscribers, and shared some important information for the facilities management (FM) industry. Here’s a recap...just in case you missed anything:

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Ferguson Enterprises Sees Big Results with Service Automation

Customers, Case Studies, Wholesale, Distribution

by Brad Thompson  Feb 07, 2018

Another natural byproduct of the calendar turning a new year is that people and even businesses set new goals. New Year’s resolutions are nothing more than aspirational goals that, unfortunately, usually vanish as nothing more than wishful thinking. Experts at goal-setting and goal-achieving will tell you that good goals have to be realistic, specific, time-bound and measurable.

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